Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


It’s all good, @GypsyRoss. Just don’t want you to feel like anyone is ignoring you or just not wanting to help you. I would help you myself, but you would probably do better without me. My rooting is atrocious at this point. :grin:


Thank you! I hope you get out of your rut too. This is not a fun place to be especially if you have customs to do.


My grandson does the same thing!:grin::grin:


Thank you! :blush: Robin by Nikki Johnston and Tobiah by LLE


Finished Chloe, was so fun to paint her sweet face.


I love the baby, little girl holding the baby and the outfit! All beautiful! :blush:


Where did @GypsyRoss ask for help? I can’t find it.


Thank you, that’s my Baby, the youngest of my four babies, she was very excited to finally get to snuggle her.


A while back, there was one post where she asked about a hair map, @Anne. Pia didn’t see it. The rest of the discussion isn’t there anymore because her posts disappeared.


Oh, ok thanks. I hope she got the help she needs.


Aw so adorable.


I love when RA shows their real babies holding their created babies. It always look so sweet.
April @lil does it too and it always melts my heart



Awwww how cute!!


Very swee5!


Love her!


I’m working on cutie. I always get stuck on the lips. Should I add more color, if so what color?


Thanks for Asking Anne~ I’m ok…you’re a gem for thinking of me. :blush:


I actually did see @GypsyRoss request for a picture of my mapping. I responded to the “bangs or no bangs” question which indicated that I didn’t have a picture of my mapping. Sad that she felt neglected as that is never my intent on any forum. I am not here very regularly, but if anyone has a question, just @pia me!


Yes they were and I was also informed that that the “member” was seldom on here…the “tutorial site” you sent me to was from 2016.'m ok…no biggie. :grin: I apparently didn’t “Phrase” my question correctly in the first place, irreguardless, I’m not sweating it at all…I’m not on here to have be scolded for asking a question.