Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Working on these two customs😍


He’s beautiful, I love him!


So beautiful!!!


What kits are these? I love them!


He is beautiful. He looks so cuddly.


He is not currently. I am really struggling with the decision atm. I need the money, but I am totally in love with him.


It’s not like that here, @GypsyRoss. We are constantly sharing and helping. That’s what 90% of the posts here are. The particular member that you are referring to just isn’t here very often. She posts, might hang out for a few and make a comment or two, but then she’s gone again and you probably won’t hear from her for another month. Or months plural. She would help. She even listed her supplier.

Coincidentally, this is the very member who spent so much of her free time emailing a rooting tutorial around to anyone who would ask. She patiently did this for years; long after I would have been sick of it, I’m sure.

Here is over 300 pages of evidence: Hair rooting tutorial


@Kate, I can SO relate to you right now. I feel like nothing is turning our right. I’m backed up on customs but can not go any faster because each doll is taking me so many extra steps. Then I’m still not 100% happy.
Even my hair painting is not coming out right, and that’s something I normally do with ease.

This seems to come up every so often for me, but I can not figure out why. I know it’s frustrating. Hopefully it disappears for both of us.

Despite all of this, your baby is lovely. :blush:


Must be something in the air…and its world wide :wink: .


I bought some fine adult, yearling and alpaca to try. Can’t wait to try it!


Looks like Robin asleep and Tobiah


I didn’t realize Robin was so big. Her head looks almost as big as Tobiah’s. How do their limbs compare?
And you have them both looking real btw. :heart_eyes:


They’re so sweet!


I didn’t know either until my awake one came. It will wear 0-3 months I think.


I love your skin tones. What kits are these?


A defective limb makes a great teething toy :wink:


Haha, oh goodness, I bet it feels nice on those gums.


Gah! What a cutie!


I want them both, now. They look like twins!


Thanks for sharing. Love the doll and the eyes!