Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


So really I’d prefer Everyne go about their “thing” and not worry about it. Thanks.


I’d darken the lips. They look very light.
Her skin tone is lovely, though!


I don’t know…but his skin tone is beautiful!!


Thank you


Thank you


WIP Mila by Eva W. When finished she will have Regina Swailkowski standing limbs and body (ready made, now sold, just sharing)


Her hair is lovely!


Love her hair🥰 and her eyes really stand out by matching her dress.


WIP…almost finished with this one. IDK why I always want to root babies with full heads of hair cause it seems to take me forever. but after almost three weeks this gal will be finished.
oh baby buddah take the rooting needle…lol!


Looks really nice


That looks awesome!


@Mommarobin thank you!


How are you getting such nice white lines? I have a hard time mapping heads because the chalk won’t lay down easily.






@Peachtree it’s the varnish that get’s it to come out like that. I’ve noticed if I don’t apply enough it doesn’t stick as good.


Wow that is a Ton of rooting!! That would take me the rest of my life if I lived to be 100 lol Beautiful!


Anytime @GypsyRoss I was going to try to help answer your question. All is well @pia :slightly_smiling_face:
@Msmimi04 I would darken her lips but how I don’t know. :slightly_smiling_face:


My WIP Skya. I love this kit so much. She’s been such a joy to paint. :heart:


Great job!! I enjoyed her too. She’s adorable Tessa!