Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


She’s Adorable and what a box opening!! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Thanks! I ended up not loving my first attempt at combination hair, so I sent her as a surprise valentine to my sister in Texas. Even though we’ve not met, she’s always so supportive of my efforts and I know she’ll look past the imperfections. :slight_smile:


Puppet master, :laughing: but a great idea!


I’m working on these two.


They are beautiful! Who is the first one? :heart:


Hey guys check out my latest little baby! She’s the Madison kit, I named her Sofía! I’m super prou of this one, she’s my 6th bay!


Her rooting is awesome!


Your rooting is awesome! She is gorgeous.



Stunning baby!




Your rooting is totally amazing!


Such beautiful hair !!!


Wow your 6th and the hair looks that amazing!!


after a really long break, I’m finally trying to get her done.


Thank you. The first one is Sailor Rose. She is a SOLE kit.


@TrinityCrystal I found it on Zulily. It came with the shorts, onesie and shoes.



WIP Luciano Brace
I am working on 2 at a time and for me, I think it’s a big mistake. My poor head is getting confused about which color to do next on each one as the kit colors were not the same to start with. I won’t do it again!
Luciano in natural light……….happy with his head … limbs need more work.


Sweet babe!


Just gorgeous!