Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Wonderful job!!!


Thank you… a little over a year now. I used human Afro kinky curly hair :slight_smile:


I’m rooting my David Kewy…and boy is his head hard! I’m having a tough time keeping it warm. I’ve already bent two needles


I’m having the same issue with Chase Brown :confused: I’ve broken one needle and my hand is sore.



Still at it (and wow!! These pictures really really washed him out!)


I’m working on a 3 Month Joseph. I had no idea how time consuming it would be to paint him. I’m also gonna root hair. I know rooting will take me a month or longer. Yours is beautiful.


Thank you…omg yes this is a time consuming kit… I contemplated putting him aside to finish later but decided to finish him to get it over with lol! Good luck with yours💕


Lol, thank you


@Blushingbeautyreborn @Msmimi04 Either one of you ladies getting the 7 month June? I would love to see a AA June. :heart: :slightly_smiling_face: Both of you ladies have some talent on your hands. Beautiful work.


I plan on getting her. Thank you for the compliment, but I’m still working on achieving a nice AA complexion.


Where did you find that adorable outfit?


I am!!! I cannot wait for my favorite baby!!! Juneeeeeeeee


I’m glad that she finds comfort in cuddling. One of the ladies on the forum makes adorable cuddle bodies when you’re at the point of needing one. And we artists do get to say the darnedest things, lol. My personal favorites are putting a friend on hold by saying “I need to stick this baby in the oven” and telling my daughter, "I need to take this baby’s head off, it’s a little too heavy. "


I think I’m going to pass on June but would love to see how others turn out.


In my humble opinion, this baby is nowhere NEAR a trash baby. I think it’s beautiful! If you are worried about selling it attached to your name, donate it to a home for dementia patients.


That’s a great idea as well. (Although I don’t see how this one’s a boo boo) Somebody is going to fall in love, and quickly.


That’s the cutest big Joe I’ve seen. I love his hair!


I ended up buying an ottlite full spectrum desk lamp with a flexible neck. When I take WIP photos I set the bub in a carseat or portable napper that’s been draped in black fabric. It really helps the colors come out true to life.


On the 4th I finished this little one and shipped her out yesterday. Now to anxiously await her mommy’s reaction.