Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Oh my! How cute!


Oh, I love her!
Ive been dying to paint my Tobiah…I have a couple more customs and then maybe I can get to him/her :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness! I love this baby!!


Wow!!! Is this the full bodied Harper?? If it is, he’s awesome and if it isn’t, he’s still awesome. :heart_eyes:


Yes BB harper.


I had a mishap with the yellow wash. Is it still looking too yellow?


@Mommarobin and @Lil I’ve been loving these dueling Saskias! :rofl: They both turned out just gorgeous!


I take a lot of WIP pics and then I use the filters to decide which direction to take the washes in…warmer, cooler, more shading, etc.


Joseph is finally done w/ a head full of curly hair.




Thank you💕


Absolutely amazing!! That is really the best version I have seen. Fantastic job!!


Thank you so much! :two_hearts:


OMG! @Blushingbeautyreborn BEAUTIFUL! :heart:


LOVE @Blushingbeautyreborn!!! What an amazing version of one of my favorite kits!


Thanks everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


EEEEEE! So cute!!


@Blushingbeautyreborn how long have you been reborning and what hair did you use? He is awesome!


What a cutie !!! Great job!!! He is adorable


Lol! I have another Saskia ordered now (custom)