Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Such a cutie!




Looks perfect!!


Awe, he’s lovely!
I love your blue shading and the piggy hat :wink:


Love the cooling!! Are you gonna root hair? If so what color??


These 3 are ready for hair (flash on)
Noel Auer, Maia Lopes, Yannie Legler


Your Maia is SO sweet! I adore this kit so much!


Gorgeous babies!


First pics Chanelle by Jannie de Lange TWINS
full photoshoot next week
will be for sale 1500 shipped in USA, 1575.00 shipped international, EACH TWIN
pm me to reserve


That hair is amazing! Love her


Gorgeous as always!!


Here is my Gracie. Finally finished. She is my fourth baby. I have her dressed in a few things I knitted on my looms, a bonnet, sweater, diaper cover, and booties. You ladies in this forum have gotten me to try so many new things that I would have never thought of doing otherwise.


I am really enjoying painting Priscilla, she is a cutie


Goodness @Ruth she is beautiful and her clothes are perfect!
@Reefbubbles Priscilla is cute, can’t wait to see her finished.


Adorable baby and her clothing are very sweet as well good job .


Thank you @Anne and @marrabo .


Thank you and yes she/he will have rooted hair. Either dark blonde or medium brown color. Yet to be decided




Just getting started on these sweet little twins!


Finished up baby Sawyer. She is pretty sweet even if she is just sitting in a box in the car. I need some photography lessons :laughing: