Input needed- What do you prefer?


So… I’m doing a thing… Lol
I am making some custom outfits specifically for reborns. Without spoiling the surprise, I need to know what sizes y’all would prefer.
So, these sets will be amazing for any reborn- ones you are selling, keeping or whatever.
So what size babies do you make most often, or collect the most of?
What type of clothing do you tend to use more? (Like sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve) (bloomers, shorts, pants)
And is there anything you have been looking for that you just can’t find?! I know there are so many variations in sizes and limb choices.

I just really want to make these as amazing as I can for our reborns! I am not making these specifically to make money from, I have been designing these in my head for months, and think it will be such a fun thing for us all to have!!!
I want to have options for everyone, I believe I will have around 7 designs to start, and only 18 outfits off the bat. This is going to be a trial run, to see if the suppliers can meet my expectations as well as see if y’all are as in love with them as I am!!! And then also, so you can make more specific requests after the first round.
I invested all but $1 of my PayPal lol, so the first 18 will be all I can do for now.
I am going to list more of my items for sale later, and hopefully will then be able to put in more orders towards these new sets!!!


Can’t wait to see what you are coming up with. I think newborn and preemie are always good choices for sizes.


Preemie would be my vote! And newborn too, but I make way more preemies so they are always my top pick


Newborn and Preemie. All I can find around here in those sizes are onesies and sleepers. I want real clothes for them. :heart:️️


Thanks ladies! Preemie and newborn sets will be fun!!


Preemie is good. I prefer to make and keep larger babies 20 and above. I like the 3/4 arms and legs so I like bloomers and short sleeves. I also like vintage dresses and outfits. I do know that I am in a minority. And did I say bloomers, lol!


Newborn and preemie. My favorite styles are rompers and dresses with bloomers that won’t show the cloth body in unique prints that you don’t typically find baby clothes made from.


Newborn and 0-3 are the sized I use most and are easy to find. I sometimes avoid preemie and micro preemie mostly because it is harder to find clothes. I wonder if preemie and micro preemie might be a good idea. There was a lady on Ebay who use to cut down baby clothes to make them fit tiny dolls but she is gone.


Micro preemie might be good because those are hard to find in non NICU designs. While I love the itty bitty babies, most of the ones I make are preemie, newborn and 0-3mos.


I agree with micro preemie, along with preemie and newborn


I agree with the micro preemie and preemie size. They are the hardest to find and most expensive if you do find them


Another idea I have, if you’re interested… you could make a few sample outfits to show the style and then allow people to choose the fabric for their set. I’d be your best customer!


This sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to see!!!


You have us all intrigued you definitely have a vision and we al can’t wait to see it. When I sell a baby the box opening has a dressy outfit, a casual outfit for every day and pajamas then some random other pieces I may choose to add in. I personally adore anything vintage inspired and always lighter colors. Newborn and preemie are what I use the most. If it is sleeveless I always put a coordinated onesies under it to hide any fabric from body showing. That’s my 2 cents lol.


I am thinking of making a couple mock-ups for everyone to see my first few design ideas!! The preemie and micro preemie clothing have been swirling in my head for a year now lol. I have a million patterns drawn out, but still havent pulled out my sewing machine;)
There will be a variety of styles, I am planning to do some “regular” clothing and onesies with some fun twists on the quotes we normally see on those cute baby onesies :wink:
There are going to be a boatload of dresses from cute baby colors to frilly and some bold/fun prints
Also, some fun boy clothing because I hate that it is harder to find cuter designs in those!
Also, I have vintage baby clothing and will have some new outfits made to mimic those adorable outfits they no longer make.
Frilly frilly frilly- there will be many frilly, lacey and fun stuff to choose from!!
I also plan to get some items from the labor and delivery unit and nicu. My MIL is a L&D charge nurse and my Aunt runs the NICU at a major hospital in my state and they both have offered to collect some goodies for me! I know a lot of artists like to pose their babies or send them home in hospital outfits. Probably hospital bracelets and even crib cards as well! Just some fun stuff to add realism.

Hopefully I will have sizes to fit all babies, from around 10" up to toddler sizes.
Anyone want to volunteer to test and critique some of my sets? I am not extremely confident in my ability to sew clothing all from scratch lol!! I have made stuff for my kids to wear for photoshoots back when they were modeling for small shops on Instagram and etsy, but they were only worn for that purpose.
I am 100% confident with altering baby clothes or just adding to them, I just dont have tons of practice sewing full pieces :wink:
Also- I am only planning to make items for the wonderful ladies here on the forum, at least for now… So I ask that you are all open and honest with the items you receive, I really just want this to be a fun adventure and for you ladies to have some items that you enjoy!!


You’ll have a big hit on your hands if you can produce beautiful clothing for the 14"-18" size reborns. They are the devil to find cute clothes for! Even premie onesies are too big!
I used to sew clothing for my real babies, but that was back in the dark ages. Love vintage looks…smocked or tucked dresses or shirts with bloomers, and baby bonnets.
I’d love to see what you are making and if there is any way I can help you check out the quality issue I’d be glad to do it.
Show us some pictures when you can. I’m curious!


I volunteer as tribute! Lol. Seriously. I would love to test and critique. Once upon a time I designed custom boutique children’s clothing and pageant wear. :slight_smile:


This sounds great! Micro preemie and preemie sizes are my favorite! And I LOVE vintage. I can’t wait to see your creations. I am sure they will be amazing! I would definitely volunteer!


I’ll volunteer. I love your taste.


I make clothes for my grandbabies and have a huge collection of vintage childrens patterns that I use for them.