Input needed- What do you prefer?


I am definitely starting a list, you ladies will be sent samples before I decide to sell certain things❤
Once I have enough stuff made to where I need critique, I will mail each of you some things (to keep) so you can let me know what you think!!


Thats so fun!! I didnt start sewing until my youngest was 2 or 3, so I never got to make baby stuff!! Pinterest got me obsessed with baby stuff, and I was irked that I didnt have Pinterest why my babies were still babies! My sister is oddly picky about her boy’s clothes and style so I never got to use them as test subjects lol.


I love all of the smocked and frilly stuff on boys!


Can i send you fabric once you decide what you’d like to make? That way you aren’t spending money on something that you’re giving away and I can chose the fabric?


I like this idea. I’ll gladly send you some fabric too.


Vintage! :heart:️:heart:️ I’ll see if I can find a few pics of things I think will be well received :grinning: :kiss:


I wouldnt want to ruin your fabric lol. I’m kidding, I am not THAT terrible… I hope!
But seriously, having someone test the stuff out and help me to improve or even just to take cute pics with the stuff is more than enough for me!
But, if you like a certain item I end up making and have a particular fabric you want it in, you can send it then :wink:


Sounds good to me! :slight_smile:


Girl, hang onto your fabric and sned it if you like something but want it in a certain fabric/pattern lol. I dont need a thing from you except critique and pics❤ Hey, if they are a total bust we can just give them all to miss pouty face;)


Premie is the hardest size to find but newborn is good to.


Tiny 10” and up also preemie


I would love to be a test subject I find your taste is very similar to mine! I do newborn photog and have a set up studio, backdrops and props galore. I would have a blast taking photos for you. I do not make preemie or micro preemies so newborn is a better fit for me. If you want a small donation towards your materials I would happy to help you. Pm me if you want.


I’m a preemie person :slight_smile:️ Especially since good preemie clothes are hard to find.


Oh this sounds fun - I volunteer if you still need them - I can’t sew on sewing machine yet -have plans to take some classes already ( because I have a girl grandbaby coming in Jan-and I love those expensive rufflely clothes but don’t wann pay 80$ for a newborn an outfit lol ) - I can however hand stitch accessories or make hair bows - anything like that - and I will be glad to send fabric or supplies if needed - and if you have enough volunteers that’s ok too - I can’t wait to see what you are up to lol - I vote preemie and newborn - the 15-18 inch size is the hardest to find cute clothes :slight_smile:


So I reread your post I see your looking for detailed suggestions also not just size. I never put clothes on my dolls that don’t have sleeves. That could be just me I’m not sure. I’m sure putting sleeves in premie and newborn clothes has to be hard. I saw a dress the other day and took a picture of it loved it but I think it was really expensive.

I would love to see you make clothes like this. I like frills lol This dress doesn’t have sleeves but it seems to have a cap. As long as the sleeve opening isn’t huge.


That is the cutest thing ever, @babymaw!

And @Ledbetterlittles, I have two 10 inch dolls here that I’ve been trying to find clothes for. I would love a little sleeper and cap for them, but all I can find is NICU stuff or clothes that cost more than the doll.


I forgot to add fairy clothes! I love the little knitted one piece suits someone used to make and list on Ebay but can’t find them now. These were the right size to fit the original Ofelia, Clover and Jasper, and came with tiny booties and a little hat. Fairies come in lots of sizes and they all need something sweet to wear!


Yes, this! That would be amazing!


I am curious what the outfits you are describing look like…could you show me a pic or screenshot of one?


Yes! Fairy clothes please! I have a few fairy kits and I don’t want nekkid nudie bootie fairies running around. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: