IDTS has been permanently closed

Post went up on the FB IDTS Chat Page today that the show is permanently closed. Many are angry, confused and heart broken. Tonight the page was shut down. Funds have been paid by many of us who have rolled them over since pre-paying for the next year at the last show in 2019. I am not sure what if any records exist for payments made that long ago and am out money myself. While COVID has stolen so much, this turn of events makes it even worse. I am feeling very sad and hurt.


I was very shocked to see it earlier. I screen shot the post to show friends I knew were going or hoping to

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Yes, this was a very abrupt response. The show page was closed for the holidays from November to Jan 5 or something like that. Lorna Miller Sands resigned as co host of the show. Then it was crickets. Many have asked questions about what is going on and said they have been sending messages with no responses. Things were getting a bit unsettled for sure. I have to call and cancel my hotel reservations tomorrow.


What is IDTS? International doll something?


International Doll and Teddy Show

Here it is in 2019


So is there a plan to refund people that are owed (tables that have been delayed etc.)


Well she got mad with all the questions and angry comments on the FB chat page so she shut that down. Her announcment said that it was going to take 60-90 days to sort things out. When the 2020 show was cancelled Stacey immediately went into Paypal and refunded everyone she could til there was no more money there then she resigned. Georgie was supposed to handle refunding everyone else. She came up with the 60-90 day time frame then but when April 1 came round I still had no refund. I ended up just rolling mine over til the next promised show as I had not been successful in getting a refund. I have gone through my Paypal records and found proof where I am owed a total of $367 since 2019 paid for the 2020 show table and tickets. Don’t know the status on the monies now as she has no accountability to anyone. Lorna Miller Sands was her partner and resigned. From what I have been told, Lorna had no access to anything to do with the show other than the FB page. So no one knows what shape the finances are in at this point. I called Rosen Plaza today to cancel my hotel reservations and they said they have all been cancelled now due to the cancellation of the show. They say our room deposits will be refunded in 5 to 7 business days (not 60-90 days).


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My goodness what is happening in the Dolly World? Everyone is so angry. I wonder if the time is up for those who aren’t doing this out of love, healing and understanding. It seems no one can stop the rolling madness. It’s all about me me me and if you don’t act as I tell you to then you are SOL. We are only as strong as our weakest link and if we keep this mess up all this will fade away. We need to stand together no matter if our neighbor has a different opinion or not. I love this Dolly World. It’s all about the Dolls and how they make us feel. Something has to change, maybe now is the time. We have to figure this out. I envision a bunch of Ladies marching on Washington shouting “We demand equal rights to love our Hobby”!! “We are not weird”. :sweat_smile: All this madness and division makes us look so terrible. This Forum has some of the best Dolly Friends that I’ve come across. Most of us have different opinions but we talk about it and love keeps us real. As a matter of fact I love the diversity and different views that we have at least I know I am not talking to myself. Love you guys, I’m trying to hang in there!



In the situation of IDTS show money, there is a lot of accountibility and responsibility for money that has been paid and pending since 2019 through just recently. While I get what you are saying totally, this situation has gone far beyond personal preferences. A lot of money is owed to a lot of people, myself included. I am out $367 right now. Many even more as they purchased booths.

Our world has changed drastically. It started with COVID which has become a catalyst for political madness and world wide panic. Panicky people react in outrageous ways. Take that and combine it with the end times unrest already in the world and the results are the chaos that has infected every aspect of humanity and life as we know it. Pandora’s box has been opened and life will never go back to the way we once knew it to be. I am convinced of that.


Completely agree Angie.


Yes! What a pain for you, and everyone else.

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Guess I lost my money that I ask to be sent back.

I don’t know what to say…we are all out money and Georgie is not talking to anyone. She has shut down communication completely. I would encourange anyone who has made a recent payment to file a PP chargeback. If you wait past 45 days you cannot do it so her 60-90 day waiting period she is asking for is putting her past the point of anyone doing that.


If someone is refusing to talk to the people they owe money, I would file a chargeback as soon as possible. Sounds shady.


I hate to bring this question up, but did any one get their money refunded. Someone asked me at Rose if I had been refunded. I have not been refunded that I can find a record of, and I see that Georgie is on vacation again. Just wondering if this is a lost cause. Last I heard that in I believe in January or so, that she needed 6 months to issue a refund. Any more info on this?

Kind of wondering why she’s getting away with this. It’s theft. Maybe some jail time?


File your claim while you still can! Can I ask how much money we are talking about? How many people has she not refunded?

So I FINALLY got refunded. I had to message her through FB PMs. She does not respond well if you are in any way upset or accusatory to her. Those who have been immediately get blocked. I just sent her a message asking if I could get a refund and when and sent screen shots of all my payments and how much I was owed. She had told me she would refund me on or before April 4th. It did not happen so I sent a message again asking for an update. It took 2 more weeks for her to respond but she finally did and refunded me. As for Paypal chargeback, you can only get your money back through them if you filed within 180 days of paying it. I tried that route multiple times and never would they do anything.


@Vanniek, I agree. Feet need to be held to the fire with this one. It’s not right. The grace of time is acceptable to a point. Not months and months and months.