I got a Knitting loom set


I still pause rewind etc. . .


For my booties I just made a tube with a 16 peg loom and closed the toe. They came out newborn size. They don’t have a heel, but neither do tube socks, and they were very easy.


Same here I have made some with the heel however the ones you describe look just as good and are lots faster to make .


I will have to try that because the heel was hard for me so I probably was going to avoid socks all together. Now I wish I had packed it.


Do you have a video I can see of the tube sock?


I don’t. I just made it like a tiny hat only longer.


Good idea - Tube Socks @jeanhai


I really need to get back to looming. I’ve been spending all of my time painting. I need stuff for these babies to wear :wink:


I have been doing some of both here is my latest just born today I call it Something Fishy :smile: my daughter calls it an abomination LOL

Lovely on pink

Not so much on gray but oh well


Such a cute idea! Your imagination is awesome!


Thanks ! I try LOL the yarn and stitches used in this one gave me a surprise it makes the body smaller then I had anticipated so maybe her body will grow big enough for her head she is just a Small fry :smile:


Made these to tuck in a congratulations card for my cousin, she just announced she was having a boy! Quick and easy.


Those are sweet !! love the applique makes it even more special .


Thank you. They are actually buttons! I have never really looked at buttons at the craft store and boy was I surprised how cute they are! Abd the variety!


Great find I think I will need to look at buttons more LOL


Oh my gosh they had Disney characters, unicorns, food items, you name it they had it. I had no idea.


For adding as an adornment they are a great idea I never pay much mind to the fancier ones but for this purpose I think I will .


Yeah I never have either. But they needed something.


Made a little outfit for my Ashley Awake. Her little vest makes her look like a football player lol but the leg warmers turned out cute!


Cute idea @Renauta427
That is nice @Bec1273 was the vest hard to make?