I got a Knitting loom set


Cute set !!


The vest was actually super easy. I followed this tutorial on YouTube https://youtu.be/1kWPEQyFiJg


Thanks, bookmarked it!


Not made on a loom but I blame this thread for this newest hobby lol. After trying out the loom, I decided to try my hand at crocheting. After several failures I finally made a little newborn romper dress! Does anyone sell their creations? If so, how much do you charge for baby clothes?


How adorable!


This is totally sweet ! I have seen others on here that sell things they have crocheted for babies but I would have no idea on price.


That turned out so lovely! When I had my Etsy shop, crocheted rompers sold for aprox. $20-29 depending if I added antique lace or trims or left them more minimal.


That’s really cute. Mercari might be a good place to sell them.


I’m not very experienced in knitting but my daughter found a small skein of yarn that she really loves and was wondering what I could make for her with it. So… What can I make with a 3 oz skein of Worsted weight 4 ply yarn?


It’s about to make me do that too!!! Haha


A wallet, a headband, a phone case, baby socks, a stuffed animal, …
You can find a lot of fun patterns on Pinterest


I am late to the question however I haven’t been here much had flu going on anyway I would agree with @Bellybutton there are several small items that can be done .
It depends on where your daughters interest lies I did a little comfort doll I showed in this post that was done with nothing but leftover yarn scraps .
A Utube search has many many videos showing how to make just about anything and you can make it yours by changing out the colors and stitches used .


Sorry to revive an old thread, but here is my new grandson wearing the hat I made him on my loom …


Both are so precious!


He is So sweet! Congratulations! He looks nice and snuggly with that hat! :revolving_hearts:


Awwww share away, we love babies and Looming! Nice hat on that lovely baby!


Very good use for that hat sweet baby and hat .


Love you new pic! @marrabo Nice Avatar!


Thanks ! I was ready for another change :wink: