I got a Knitting loom set


I know right when its put in your handy dandy sheet dialog it comes out quite strange so may not want to talk like that unless you have a copy of that in your possession :smile:
Since you added the dialog you could interpret it :sunny:


Thanks! I’m hoping this passes quickly


Feel better! @Kate


Thanks Anne!


One of my looming reborning projects is finished I think I like him the last pic is just to make sure everyone can see that little stub tail on my bear LOL .


WOW! Now you need to start a YouTube with your creations! That is so adorable!


LOL Thanks !! he came out pretty cute I think , I made it so his head is free to turn and weighted the bottom so he sits on his own .


I LOVE THIS!!! You must make these and sell them!!!


Thanks @nikkiroc :smile: he is a bit different isn’t he LOL


Here is the newest loom and reborn combo I call her Cally Cat .


Here is an outfit and a diaper cover that I just finished they are being modeled by a Linda Murray dial that I bought for my granddaughter. I am always giving away the dolls I make. I guess I’m going to have to keep make one for myself to use for a model.


Good job ! I like that color too .


@marrabo Pretty baby, and that body is WOW! I love it!
@Ruth That outfit and diaper cover is so cute! Now I want to make a diaper cover, lol!


Thanks @Anne I used the 30 peg for that one since the head was larger in case you want to know :wink:


Yes, thank you! The Zombie is a 16 inch Tayla head so I should probably use the 24.


Yep go with the 24 peg I used that for my little bear one Daisy has a smaller head than the Londyn sculpt so Cally Cat needed bigger parts LOL


Oh wow!!! You’re a genius!! I’ve not been able to make ONE pair of booties :cry::cry::cry:. I’m horrible at this. But I’m going to try one more time before I return everything and just keep buying clothes and things for my dolls. Why does mostly everyone double their yarn when looming.


I only double it when I’m using thin yarn on a loom with wide spaces between the pegs. Otherwise the stitches are too loose and it leaves big gaps between the rows of stitches.


I’m going to double my yarn…maybe I can make something lol. I have a feeling with this small loom my dexterity issues are not working for me. It took me 1.5 hours to make one booty from one of the videos and it come out too big anyway. I had to keep stopping the video because I got lost more than once. Praise God I can paint better lol


Pause is a very good way to learn trust me when I say I used that button quite a bit on some of the techniques used with the loom .
I double and triple my yarn depending on what I am making on the booties I have manged to get a reasonable look and size using just the flat stitch as it is tighter than the Ewrap .
If using Ewrap and I am making something that will be stuffed I use double or triple yarn sometimes it just depends on what I am making .
You can increase your speed once you get the stitches down and method you are using but it can be slow going on many of the projects .