I got a Knitting loom set


Yes, I’m very stubborn. I brought a loom back to Walmart but have many to work on. I bought inexpensive yarn…maybe that’s it? LOL But I know others do well with it. I’m going to keep trying. I want to make booties for the more expensive babies. Maybe little hats someday for wintertime…It’s spring here in Florida…80* :rose::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good !! I know you can get the hang of it and trust me if it required expensive yarn I wouldn’t be making things so often :wink:


TY! I need to search for your posts on what loom you use for what project :blush:


My newest set


Now that is cute !!


Thank you! :blush:


You go girl, you are on a hot looming streak! These are so adorable!


I got one booty done. One more. Maybe tomorrow lol I did the same rows are she said in the video but mine is larger. It’s def for a bigger baby.


Yay you did it good job !! knew all you had to do was keep trying , now what stitch did you use the Ewrap ? that one is very loose if you use lighter weight yarn .
The flat stitch is a tighter knit and works up smaller than the Ewrap stitches keep going you get your first project finished you have a better grasp of how to do it .


Ty! It was alternating ewrap and purl. The first rows were 9 and then you connect them and alternate 7 then cast off.


Yes it’s too loose for me. I need to find another video but I like these booties because they are adorable with socks. I just need to make another to match lol


They are very cute congrats !


Meant to add that I willl probably weave some ribbon of another color around the top to make a tie so they fit better.


Ty you’re so supportive :grin:


Thank you!


I thought some of us might appreciate a few of these!


Yes this is very helpful now it just needs to be imprinted into memory I have done Frogs and made Toads and have also used a Lifeline .
I have several PhD’s and encountered a whale of a lot of the YARN BARF in my work now all that is needed is for someone to decipher what I just wrote because I may have forgotten some of the definitions I used already :rofl:


I havent been looming at lately. I haven’t been feeling well so it has taken a back burner. Plus the energy I do have, I’m trying to use on making dolls. Hopefully I will be back at it soon.


Hope you get to feeling better soon and you know it is always there when you are in the mood again I have two projects in the works and painting at the same time just taking my time no big hurry .


any One listening to you talk like might just have you committed :joy:!