I got a Knitting loom set


Are you not going to be making it any longer? I would love to see what you have left. Would they stay good until next cheistmas?


I got myself addicted to reborning lol :sweat_smile: so I haven’t made soap for awhile. But yes, they should be fine until Christmas! Keep them in a cool, dry place :slight_smile: I’m working with someone on my FB business page and as soon as I get her order done, I will message you. :rose:


Awesome! Thanks!


Thanks @Anne are you feeling better now? :grinning:


I love soap! What’s your page? I don’t have FB.


Message me and I will send you some pictures of what’s left…I’m packing an order now :slight_smile:


My most recent knitting loom and reborning endeavor this is Loomer who has come from far away and had such a bad entry in to our atmosphere his limbs were so badly damaged he required immediate limb replacement .
He may need more limb surgery in the future however he seems to be doing well for now
That is his story and I am sticking to it :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Poor guy! But he looks content with his new limbs and hopefully he’ll make a full recovery here on Earth :rofl: He’s a cutie


I love it!!! Stories are my favorite and you are so good at them!!!


Thank you :blush:


He is very unique, I love him. I think he turned out pretty cute for an Alien, his limbs and eyes are so cool!


yeah I would say unique that is polite :smile: Thanks ! His color is better in person he is just a bit washed out all though it could be the stress of the injuries he suffered and the limb surgery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love unique! That is what I strive for! :slightly_smiling_face: so coming from me that is the highest compliment.


Aw Thanks ! I really had fun with this one I threw out all the regular things I might have done like buy limbs LOL or eyes and just went looking for what would make it really out of the box :smile:
I will use the same kind of eyes again for sure if I make another strangeling I have a few left in my bag don’t know if I can find more since I bought them years ago .


Well I’ve managed to make a small Pom Pom out of desperation to post an update. Nothing made with any of my looms Does anyone feel sorry for me yet? :rofl:


If you don’t have fb I can send you pictures :hugs:


I love it!!! Best Pom ever!! Way to go sister!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Updated better pictures I think of my silly little loomer :smile: now on to the next train I catch LOL.


LOL! You’re way too kind…My hubby laughed and we both think the looms need to be rethought. I already returned one.:relaxed:


Sorry they don’t work for you but you did say you were stubborn and it does take some of that attitude to catch on to some things so maybe give it another shot ?