I got a Knitting loom set


2 more little hats done. 1 newborn and 1 preemie. I’m really gonna have to stop looming and work on some dolls. :joy:


Cute! @Kate I feel the same way. I’ve been Looming not Reborning too. I want to make a Diaper Cover and a Hat with 2 pom poms some booties and mittens. That would be a cute set. I need more Yarn. :thinking: :wink::smile:


I have found you can do both it is just slower root awhile loom awhile root awhile loom awhile paint a while loom awhile :crazy_face:


Just add sewing awhile and crochet awhile its me ! I am multitasker !


I sew a little and can crochet too. But lately all I do is Loom. :scream:


Okay so it can be addictive :smile:


Yep ! Really ! :smile:


These are amazing


Thank you! :blush:


@nikkiroc. How are you doing with the looming? I haven’t gotten one thing done or even close but I have purchased more yarn and looms. Have you figured it out yet? I am painting twins though lol :rofl:


They’ll need hats. Get going. I want to see.


I’m thinking it’s not for me. I just don’t enjoy it lol. It’s hard for my hands. Probably will gather the receipts and get retuning the stuff. The looms I bought from amazon I’ll gift :gift:


Awe sorry it didn’t work out for you!


I just watched a little girl loom like crazy. I feel so stupid. I think I did the same as she did but every time I wound the loops the bottom one that goes over the top would get very loose. I’m trying the 12 peg loom. Frustrating!


I haven’t been to get yarn yet!!! I was so sick for weeks that I got behind in everything… finally catching up on housework and laundry. I haven’t been out to stores in weeks!!! Hopefully soon. have to try this!!! Let me know how you like your flower loom :rose:


So glad to hear you are feeling better​:heart_eyes::heart:


I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Sounds like what I had last January through feb :frowning:


I didn’t know you were a soapmaker! I just visited your shop. Any idea when you might be restocking?


Thanks Kate!! Yes, I’ve been a soap maker for about 18 yrs now. The rest of my stock is on clearance until gone. If you’d like pictures of what I have left I can send them in a PM…let me know :slight_smile:


Glad our Princess is back and feeling better!
@Vanniek I hold the yarn between my first and second fingers and let loose as I wrap. I hold it like @marrabo Hope that helps.

@marrabo pic