I got a Knitting loom set


Oh my gosh! So cute!!!


These have been my latest projects. My daughter still has my flower loom so my legwarmers are on hold. But i attempted a diaper cover and I like the way it turned out. I will probably make a couple more in the future.


Yes! I do like it you chose the correct yarn unlike myself :smile: the chunky stuff I used makes her look like a bubble on the bottom LOL


Thank you she does look pleased with herself LOL


What else is a flower loom used for?


Flowers :joy: seriously though besides flowers you can make booties mittens socks that I know of and probably more .
PS I also used the flower loom for the smaller sections of my mermaids and other dolls it was more convenient in size to use .


So cute @marrabo sad it’s over but looking forward to more of your creations!
@Kate Cute set, love that diaper cover.

My latest Izzy Comfort Doll! I need to add ears.


Thanks ! That is an adorable doll you are doing some really good work you seem to have it all figured out now .


I am horrible at taking pics it is cuter in person, lol!


See nothing wrong with the pics it is just we cant do 3D art so we only get some of the view .


Thank you Anne! That doll is so cute!


So far i have only used it for booties. But it should work for mittens and legwarmers like @marrabo said.


It does I submit the booties and leg warmers in the pictures above as proof of my testimony :joy:


Awe…I love to see your new outfits. They are so adorable. Do you just make them up as you go along or do you follow patterns?


I am in the process of making that same diaper cover. I hope mine turns out as good as yours.


Thank You !!! I use creative license LOL I have a vision of what I want and just go from there if what I want has a pattern I will look at it and tweak it to suit myself .
For instance on the diaper cover I see it as a diaper cover pattern however I look at it as a place to start if I add a bib to that and straps I then have something else :wink:


I had to adjust the pattern a little for it to be a newborn size that would fit a reborn without being too bulky or weird looking.


Same here caution though do not use bulky yarn :smile:


Oh boy, I was worried about that. I did it the size they were doing it in the video. Maybe it will fit Landon, he is a pretty big baby!


Yes. I think it will be too big to fit the newborn size realborns if you are following the video. From the looks of it, it might fit Landon. It’s definately bigger then a newborn. If it doesn’t fit him, maybe the 3 month Joseph