I got a Knitting loom set


Thank you for this video you posted. I have been wondering how you make that ruffled fringe.


Thanks ! and your welcome I thought it might be useful as some have mentioned they wanted to make bonnets .


LOL Thanks ! no I’m not doing it in my sleep yet I just have made several things and try different techniques also being stubborn not willing to give up helps :rofl:


My newest project is complete. I blame you all for my addiction. :joy::joy::joy: Just kidding.


Totally love it this is awesome !!


Thank you! I’m trying to figure out what I want to try to tackle next. I’m trying to do sets of things instead of random items. Maybe I will try a bonnet and some different booties or something. Or maybe a hat booties and a teddy bear. Although I would like to do some legwarmers. I’m so undecided! :joy:


Just do them all a well turned out baby is what you will have :smile: and even more practice for the other things you might want to do .


I’m going to try the legwarmers next I decided. But my daughter has taken off with my loom now and is making booties. She’s never showed an interest in crafty things so I will let her be and just order a new one. :wink:


Yeah anytime you get an interest it is a good thing to encourage it in my opinion .


I do like the look of leg warmers on them but I went with matching booties on this one not a great picture but I think the booties can be seen .


Super cute!


Thanks !! I think she kind of reminds me of a sunflower or something along those lines like in the Anne Geddes pictures lol


Is this the loom I need for baby booties?


@marraboThat bonnet and bootisare nice and thanks for the video!
@Kate Nice set, love that hat with two pom poms.
@Vanniek Yes that is the one.


Ty Anne!! Can I find it at micheals do you think? I’m still in need of yarn lol


Can you sell these to me lol :joy:


I ordered my 12 peg from Amazon.


Thank you Anne!


Lol. Sure if you want but you can do it once you get the hang of it. :wink:


So okay my last quad has her latest knitting loom threads (AS in yarn ) she seems to look like its all good to her,
So my saga of the quads on their journey to being dressed comes to an end for all of you who are so tired of the whole thing . :smile: