I got a Knitting loom set


Thank you! :heart:


Haha! Live and learn!


I love those leg warmers!


Thanks ! easy peasy to make just loom knit a booty and leave the toe open LOL


Pretty hat @Kate what pattern did you use?
@marrabo Poor Puddin! I’ll bet she feels better now, lol!


So funny I never even thought to try it I was so use to them not ever fitting when I would try one on the babies I don’t know if she feels better but she doesn’t appear to be crying her mouth is full :rofl:


Do any of you wonderful ladies have a loom pattern for baby booties? Or can tell me where to find one?




@anne and @azbaby
I followed a video on YouTube for the hat. There are a few different ones but you can modify for what you are looking for. :blush:


Here is a video and there many more on you tube just search loom knit baby booties or socks .


I want to make bonnets! <3


Adorable, love your baby too!


Thank you! :heart:


Did another hat and a pair of booties. Next I’m going to try a different style of hat. I still need to get sharper scissors to make my pompoms better.


How fun, I love seeing the variety of projects everyone comes up with!


Since I finally got around to making the booties, I used the 12 peg loom for these. They turned out to be a newborn sized bootie. Someone had said earlier their 8 peg loom made preemie sized ones. :wink:


I love the way these came out the color combination looks so nice !


It wasn’t me I haven’t done a preemie size as of yet but if you were to use fewer rounds it would make them smaller and you know what ? I think I misspoke earlier my small one is a 12 peg also not 10 :smile: .


Thank you! I’m really enjoying making stuff.


I loom so ridiculously tight I cannot get a proper size. I plan to try the straw technique next time. I didn’t pack my looms this trip so no looming for me til I get back home. I have trouble with the heel too, the increase and decrease, I have trouble wrapping my brain around the concept.


I got this loom set. Is this the correct set to make baby booties and bonnets?