I got a Knitting loom set


I am in Grants, NM! I will take a pic for you tomorrow, lol! @MaryJane


Yeah I could go for some all clear and fabulous but I have to breathe so don’t plan on holding my breath but Thanks .
We haven’t had snow so far just rain and very cold and dark my kind of snow is the kind that comes and is gone by the next day :smile:
I have been iced in and snowed in before so not what I want at all just like to see it come down get enough to make snow ice cream out of it and let it be gone.


I think we will be snowed in tomorrow, lol!


It’s been snowing here too, but as soon as the snow stops it rains and it makes my puppy sad :rofl: She adores the snow surprisingly for a scrawny beagle haha


It better not rain, that would be a mess in the High Desert!


It is beautiful, but I shoveled my last pound of the stuff before moving to California in 1972.


I don’t mind being snowed in for a couple days.As long as the power stays on.I just open the window blinds and watch it snow while I paint.


Well enjoy your snow LOL been nice talking to you again hope you keep feeling better it is time for me to hop off again night .


Good Night! @marrabo


I used the 8 peg loom for a premie. They fit really snug, but the best fit so far compared to other looks I have tried


Good job cute set !




So So adorable!! <3 Please share on the type or brand of yarn you used. :heart_eyes:


Awe so cute! @Ruth
@MaryJane here is your snow pic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Click on the pic twice to get the full effect, lol!


I dont remember the brand because I threw the packaging away, but I got it on sale at Michael’s and because it was not real thick, i doubled up the yarn using two strings to knit instead of one.


I’ve been a bit under the weather so I’ve been Working on this hat a little. Just got the pompom attached this morning. It’s made from some leftover silky yarn I had laying around. I love the way it turned out. The pompom needed trimmed a bit but my scissors weren’t sharp enough. I’m going to have to get a new pair.

Here is Ellis trying it on for size. I think it suits him well. :wink:


I love this baby and this hat!!!


Thank you Nikki! :heart:


Fantastic hat and baby !


Speaking about babies I am such a bad mamma after two years I have discovered this cry baby will take a pacifier she has been crying for two years :rofl: