I got a Knitting loom set


Awe, I bet she loves it😁


My first creation of 2019! And my first kitty, and probably my last lol


Ahhh cute ! Why your last ?


That’s a cute kitty why would you want to stop at one when you could have a litter ?


She is a sweetheart, I know you don’t enjoy making stuffies, glad you gave a kitty a whirl anyway


My new baby out fit on one of Muffins sisters Puddin and a pic of the two together just for fun .


This picture is sooo cute! It looks like Muffin is about to cry in sympathy for her sister. The outfits are adorable.


Mine are still in their pouch :grimacing::joy:


I love this thread! I didn’t know I could make anything but hats! Now I am going to make sooooooo many things!


Thanks ! Yeah I had to share that one it looked that way to me too LOL


Now that is Adorable!!! :heart_eyes:


I store mine like that too, because yarn always tangle around them otherwise.


I’d like a litter but I hate making the stuffies lol That’s also why she doesn’t have a tail, because I hate doing the little detail things lol


I may try making another just to be sure lol But I’ll probably just end up annoyed :rofl:


I’ve been under the weather for the last few days, but @marrabo those outfits are so cute on those babies. I have the quads, you make me want to paint them. I think we have a lot of the same kits but yours are painted already, lol.

@MilosMeadows that Kitty is cute now I want to make one and use button eyes, lol.

@Bec1273 my Looms are just sitting on a shelf but I am thinking about hanging them on the wall above my newly created yarn shelf.

@Kate can’t wait to see your chick!


Thanks @Anne hope you are back on your feet been a lot of that under something going on and we do seem to have a lot of the same kits .
I had three of them and painted them before I managed to acquire my Muffin so once she was painted I completed my set and went right into making outfits for them LOL .


Feeling much better! Thanks.


Good to hear !! I have been having issues causing a lot of stress so really haven’t been on much myself plus it got a little boring around here LOL


Hope that stress goes away! We had a 5 minute blackout on New Years Eve and it has been snowing like crazy for about 5 days with more to come. They say that this much snow is unusual for this area this time of year. I love it though, I haven’t seen this much snow in years it is beautiful, lol!


where are you?I want more snow!