I got a Knitting loom set


This is the set I have but I also ordered the 12 peg one to make booties. The set you have there will make preemie hats with the smallest and newborn with the second to smallest. This is what I have found anyway. :blush:


I know what you mean. I have to be very conscious of how tight I’m holding it. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it but in every project I’ve done so far, I have found myself wanting to do it too tight at some point.


TY Kate!! If I get the hang of this I will get the 12 peg. :kissing_closed_eyes:


You are welcome. I’m still new this also but I’m having lots of fun creating stuff. :blush:


Peekaboo its my third quad Punkin she has her new dress it is a loom knit and crochet creation still trying to decide what foot and head gear I want .


Cute!!! What about a little headband?


I went to my gf’s house this afternoon. She was having a crafting get together after our church womens’s meeting. I went over with my looms. Oh my word…it takes forever. I think I’d rather be rooting LOL


Thanks ! I don’t know yet but if I can pull it off there is a hat pattern I want to try and if that fails it probably will be a headband LOL .Thanks for the suggestion .


Once you get into it you will get faster don’t give up yet :wink:


I’m trying not to give up, but I could go to the store and buy a bonnet faster or be doing my babies hair lOL…ok ok I will try again :slight_smile: I have like 6 rows done. :scream: How many rows does it take for a little hat lol


You could go buy one but you wouldn’t have the satisfaction of knowing you created it isn’t that what crafting is all about ? :smile:


That is why I have not bought a loom. I figure I would end up with no time to paint… or maybe only loom at night? lol

I did however buy a circular knit machine from Micheals for half off and still getting the hang of that… but it is one size… sorta 6 year old head size… unless you gather both ends and make a “reversible” hat without adding length then it seems to fit a baby size… and I am still trying what yarn works best and have seen bad reviews about this machine but I paid like $30 so whatever :wink:
I have made 3 items and yesterday’s try had dropped stitches so made me irritated. I have been trying it out before my 5 and 4 yr old wake up in the mornings.
If I can find the right yarn that works best I have some cute ideas I want to try to make


Yes I am the one that used the 8 peg loom for a premie. They fit snug. I used regular yarn. But if you used the stretchy yarn I bet they would be a perfect fit


Cute hat and booties @Kate
Another pretty dress @marrabo

@Vanniek you get faster the more you Loom

I think I’ll stick with hats, booties and dolls. Everything else is too frustrating, lol! It is addicting though!


Thanks ! @Anne the more you do the more you will branch out into other things because you are getting much faster and better as you go so you will get more adventurous :wink:


Thank you @Anne! For now I’m sticking with items for my reborns. I would like to make some cute little legwarmers soon.


So I have Punkin’s bonnet finished I think she looks kind of like a little blossom LOL I have added the video after this reply that I loosely followed to make it .
Front .

Side .


Video for bonnet I followed for the previous pictures of Punkin the trim was tedious to do not difficult just tedious .
I will probably use the pattern again however I think I might go with a larger loom I used the 24 peg it fits however it is snug also I didn’t care for the cast off used when finished so I will probably change that too .


The whole outfit is precious!


Do you do this in your sleep? You seem to be a pro at this lol I can barely get 10 rows on the smallest loom :disappointed_relieved: