I got a Knitting loom set


My goodness how cute, I better go get some of that red metallic yarn.


Think you better it sure makes up nice lol


Watch it be all gone, lol. It would be just my luck.


I have quite a lot left its like money I don’t want to spend it all in one place :smile: I have something else in the works .


Just when I thought I was done with mermaids I had to do a take on the little mermaid with red hair :smile:


She is so cute! Almost as sweet as mine, lol! Let me know how much I can take it off of your hands for. :wink:


Thanks lol I just got to thinking about the Disney movie and thought that red would look so cute on one I got to stop thinking so hard it causes me more work :smile:



'“holding my breath” :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck: LOVE THEM! Are they for me???


Whats your offer LOL we can talk right :smile: I know better than giving you the price I quoted before


What? That price was perfect! I will PM you!


:rofl: okay I will be watching for it I am not on that much anymore I just jump in and out .


Thay look amazing I love the white fluffy yarn, that is such a great touch!


Thanks ! I like that myself it gives a different look .


More dimensional, I will have to remember that idea when I get to use my loom again, hopefully soon. So busy finishing dolls right now.


Yeah I was thinking of what I could use that yarn for and decided to try it on the mermaid it is something I will use on other projects for sure.


I checked my nets @nikkiroc and found one last mermaid and she was asking for you !!
Let me know how she can get in touch with you .


She’s beautiful!!! I can’t believe you caught her so fast!!!


You have to use the right bait LOL it also helped that all her sisters had been caught already she was lonely .


She is beautiful! Yay! @nikkiroc