I got a Knitting loom set


Thank you,I want to try scarves and blankets.


Joann has a 60% off coupon out right now.


Thank you for letting me know


Hey ! @Anne I just got the most lovely surprise in the mail today red and white sparkle yarn and a simply marvelous little bear friend .
I already have a idea for the yarn I am thinking about when I get it done I will be sure to post it and my twins have already taken up with the bear as you see they are all cuddling together for the long winter sleep (the bear has decided to keep watch I think ) :smile: .


I wanted to post this here too

I ran across this link, I wish I knew how to knit!
It is only free she said through December only. It says it is for candles but it might work on other jars too. Or a mini baby lol!
Here is the info…


Thanks for my Mermaid again! Awe, your babies are so cute with their new friend. Who is the baby on the left?


Thank you the three of them do look sweet together and you are very welcome for the mermaid the one on the left is my Milo I decided they would make cute twins boy and girl of course :slight_smile:


They’re adorable. Do you think they’re dreaming of Santa?


Milo looks like he is sweet dreaming up to no good, lol!


Thank you yes I do think they must be what else would babies be dreaming of :smile:


That is exactly what my daughter said when she saw them they look like they are up to something mom :smile:


I think I am totally rocking this beard hat I made :rofl: it is totally me .


I love it, lol!


Thanks ! It came out okay for my first attempt dont know how it will go over for the grand kid I made it for lol but we will see :smile:


He or she will love it! Grandma made it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fabulous ! ! !


That is funny, bet it keeps the face warm in the cold weather!!


Thanks ! it is a fun look :smile:


Yeah it is a hoot !! and I have to say it was pretty warm having that fuzzy yarn on my face LOL and I think I have just the boy to wear it he is a bit of a clown .


Awe look at his new Christmas boots see how they sparkle :smile: