I got a Knitting loom set


So cute!!! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


I love them! An angle food cupcake would be cute too! The fluffy icing is nice!


Made a little cowl/hoodie, modeled by my WIP Leo. I’m going to try my hand at my first sweater set to match!


I have done four cake hats already so I think it is your turn @Anne you get the angel food lol yum by the way that is another fav cake of mine and with no frosting please .


That is a real sweet hoodie you got going on there


I just cannot figure out how you did this on a loom, wow! It is so adorable I love it.


Try this -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tb8h5DVb4Q Add whatever embellishments you want and in whatever color you want should be able to make just about any round eared animal .


Yes, the tutorial @marrabo posted is the one I followed. There are some excellent tutorials on that channel!


Y’all made me search out the knitting looms I had and I’ve been making hats … adult size and two baby sizes. I made a few little sock things with the flower loom I had but the grooves on that darn thing were driving me nuts. Have to find another small one without grooves before I’m going to make more. I had some leftover yarn and am trying to use it up, but I want to get some fluffy soft yarn to make some cocoons out of.


The more the merrier!


I bought some of that pipsqueak or something like that yarn because someone on one of the loom things on youtube was talking how good it was .
But I found I do not like it lol it is very soft but it is hard to tell where one stitch begins and another ends on the loom .
Think I will be saving that for crochet or something because I have started two different things on the loom with it and quit them .


I almost bought a set a walmart a few hours ago… lol

talked myself out of it thinking maybe I had one here… now I think the one here is rectangle. :confused:


They work too I made a pair of baby socks with a mini I have so a loom is a loom join in lol


Yes, I always try to steer everyone away from the Boye brand, they are terrible. They are the only brand that has the darn hooks on the ends, such a pain.


Walmart usually only has boye, stay away from those if you can. They make looming much harder.


Bernat Velvet yarn is amazingly soft. I made this cocoon out of it.


I love the shine on that yarn too, beautiful!


The brand I ordered is a Readaeer. Does anyone know about this one?


Posted by @Anne
@Renauta427 Very small town, lol. No HL or Michael’s only Wal Mart. Thanks anyway. I am going to order online at Amazon.

I am probably going to get this on it is by Readaeer.


That’s a good set! The pom pom makes will be nice too!