I got a Knitting loom set


Thank you, I will have to put it next to the outfit and take a photo when I get done with it! Do you have a loom too?


I have loved reading this thread so, last night, I ordered a knitting loom. It looks hard to me. I don’t even know what weight yarn to buy. Can someone offer some suggestions? Do I need anything other than what comes with it? Thanks for any help.


It should come with what you need. I use size 4 normal weight yarn for the majority of the stuff I make and it’s perfect! Watch a tutorial on youtube and you’ll be good to go :slight_smile: It’s really not hard at all


This thread has claimed yet another victim. I’m still holding out… for now anyway. Trying to not pay attention to all your creations. :joy:


It is fun and not hard as @MilosMeadows says youtube is a good companion tool you can see all the stitches and how to do them as well as find many nice patterns to follow.
You can use lighter weight yarns however you will need to work with double yarn with some which is fine really because you can get your own color combinations that way too.
Welcome to the fun can’t wait to see what you make :smile:
I haven’t used this one but it says for beginners and may be a good place to start @pattyabe .


It is easy and fun except when your grown children find out you are doing something new and all want a hat, lol! I am making one last Adult hat for myself using lighter weight yarn. I’ll post a pic of this one. I’ve done 6 hats so far, lol.


Lolol that’s REALLY the reason I left my looks at my moms. I wanted socks. Hats, scarfs and toys but she is only making stuff for Avery. Avery’s 5 months mom!!! She doesn’t even want that stuff. I’m old, I know what I want!!! :wink:


Ha! Your autocorrect hates you :wink: :heart:


Lolol I Lolol YES!!! I knew it!!


Better head back and bring your looks back with ya! :wink:


LOOMS NOT LOOKS!!! It’s my phone, it wants me to get the new iPhone. :laughing:


My Husband got his, now I have the X I like it, the camera seems better than the 7. He loves it but hasn’t used the Camera yet. He got XX Max whatever that is, lol.


How big is that one? That’s the one Paul wants and he wants to give me his 7 :weary:


Lmao… good idea!!! I knew something was off! Haha :joy:


Thanks for the encouragement. Mine is coming from Amazon and will be here Monday, I think.


The XXmax is taller than my X. The X is skinnier and a little shorter that the 7 but the screen is a tad bigger. I liked the 7 and gave it to my daughter she had 6Splus. I don’t use facial recognition which started with the X and 8. I liked the 7 better than my X but it is growing on me.


Thanks!!! I have the 6splus and love the camera on the 7. Do you like the camera on the 10? Is it much better?


I am not a photographer, as a matter of fact cameras don’t like me, lol. However the camera is better on the X than the 7. But to a non photographer the 7 was fine. :upside_down_face:


We need good cameras! It’s a must!


A new project I call these Strawberries N cream and Fruit Swirl .