I got a Knitting loom set


Those are so cute. I need to get some smaller gauge looms. I’m going to try the Kb ones.


Snuggle sack made with Bernat Velvet yarn. It is so soft! Owen Tuzio Ross was happy to model it for you guys. My first grandbaby is due in April, so the real baby will get this.


Wow really looks cozy and soft the baby should love the feel great job .


So ok here it is my knitting loom dress modeled by my hard to get along with Mei Lien lol I say hard to get along with because of the difficulty rooting her.
Never had this trouble with any of the 80 plus I have done ( I stopped counting at 80 ) the vinyl just refused to take hair no matter what I tried unless I rooted the same section over and over again .
So I have just decided to step back take a break and assemble for now she has hair just not what I am wanting :smile:
My picture isn’t the best either so I am on a roll with this little lady but I love her ornery or not she is mine and I can play with her for a while and go back later no time limit to keep.


Cute! Can I see a pic of just the dress. Do you have a pattern for it?


Thanks I just went about it as I went so no pattern really but should be easy to duplicate I get time I will write down what I remember doing hopefully that will help.


So these are updated pictures @Anne

Next is close up of insert -

The back of top is straight across no opening or dicky insert the pattern is the same as the front I used the pattern for the baby sweater that I did earlier for the top just changed the length of it .
I then made a dickey insert for the front using the same pattern that is on the skirt the dickey allows it to be used on a baby without body plate .
The skirt I made of two panels to be wide enough for the waist size however if you wanted to work on a larger loom you could maybe do it in one panel.
Hope didn’t confuse :smile:
Link for sweater -

I as I said shortened the length for the dress top the dickey is just a small piece that you attach with buttons that have been sewn to the inside of the neckline.
The skirt I Knitted two rows purled 4 for the pattern .
Almost forgot I also shortened the sleeves


Thank you, very cute, I think I got it!! I my attempt it after I make my Hubby a hat. Thanks again!


No problem pleased to help when I can


Here are some pics of it on Caitlyn without the dickey for comparison and because I want to show off my new baby wearing it :smile:


Not a hat :smile:
My latest knitting loom creation.


That is so precious! Did you use a pattern?


No and I am so proud of myself :smile: Thank you I just thought what I wanted to make and figured it out on the loom .


That’s incredible! She looks very comfortable in it


Thanks !


That’s awesome, I love it! You should write a tutorial!


I think I will leave that to the loom experts :smile: but Thank you for the compliment .


Oh my you are killing me with all the adorable outfits you are making! This is a wow!


Thanks !


This is really cute and a perfect fit.