I got a Knitting loom set


Hat for my daughter 2nd try, lol!


Wow that is beautiful I love your color combination she will love it I bet!


I love that color combo you have going on !


I also got a set of Boye looms because that was all they had at Michael’s and I wanted to try them. They are a little tricky and I can see how it would go faster without that groove. I’m going to order the Kb ones. They have small gauge looms and look easier. This is my first loom project.


And my second:


Both babies are WIP.


@Reefbubbles @marrabo She wanted a Pom Pom which I added, she does like it.
@jeanhai they are so cute! I love the fluffy yarn.


I bet it is even cuter with the Pom Pom!


Wow you are a natural love that soft yarn is that pipsqueak yarn?


Oh wow now those are nice ! as to the lip on the looms yes I see how it could be a problem but as I know it is there it is an easy work around for me .
I only had one hang up on them so far and that was when I first started using it and got my yarn too tight since I am doing alright with them until I break the ones I have lol I don’t want to spend more on new ones.


I am finishing up rooting on my new baby so she can model my dress I knitted on the loom I might add it isn’t finished yet either :smile:
I still have to assemble it but I do have the knitting finished so that is one big step forward hope I dont find two steps back as I do sometimes.


Here’s my little Darren WIP with a set I made for him. A hat,booties and mittens :slight_smile: They fit him perfectly. I followed a pattern for the socks, but just made stuff up as I went along for the mitts lol


I am so excited to see your dress!


That looks so professional it all matches so perfectly lovely set!!


Thanks :slight_smile: Right now I’m in the middle of making a similar set in Lavender & White.Once I have enough of them made I’m probably going to donate some sets to a local women’s shelter


I was just in joannas and completely forgot to grab the look to make some baby socks. Could you remind me how many pegs are on the sock making one…Great idea. There are so many that could benefit from donations like that.


The little loom is 12 pegs :slight_smile: I got mine at walmart for like 8$. I also use the 12 peg loom to make the mittens. I can send you the “pattern” if you’d like lol It’s literally just what I wrote don as I made them but I’d be happy to share.
There definitely is a huge need for them, especially as it gets closer to winter here in Canada, there will be lots of babies in need of warm hats.


I would love the pattern. Thank you. Btw I have not found time to write down my bunny pattern for you yet sorry.


No problem :slight_smile: I made a teddy bear recently and hated every second of it lol I don’t know that I’ll do another haha So tedious making all the tiny parts. I will get the pattern for you and pm it to you :slight_smile:


Super cute !


So am I lol sometimes the mind envisions something but the end results don’t quite match :smile:


It is Pipsqueak yarn. I love it for baby things because it’s sooo super soft.