I got a Knitting loom set


Wow that was quick and cute, lol. I guess I am slow. I dropped a few stitches (I know how did I do that) but I am happy looming and will take a pic as soon as it is done!


I bought the small 12 peg loom today lol And possibly more yarn…possibly :zipper_mouth_face:


Wow now that’s nice and welcome to the band :smile:




We were so busy that there was never a moment to learn the looms. I only go once a year and it’s not enough time :sob: My mom did mess with them a bit and see seemed happy so I left them with her. I’ll stalk eBay for another set of Knifties! All of you are doing great!!!


This is my new project trying to make a dress if it works out I will let you know think it will take a while working on it and painting my next baby at same time.

Planing on this little sweetie wearing it fingers crossed :smile:


@nikkiroc you are an awesome daughter!
@marrabo looks good!

I am finishing up my hat, will post pics later tonight or tomorrow. Next up hopefully a doll of some kind.


After watching me for a few minutes, my 9 year old daughter asked me to show her how to use the loom. I showed her a few stitches, then she picked up the largest loom and an extra needle and went to work. She hasn’t put it down for the last 2 hours! Lol she says she’s found a new hobby!


Sweet! Mine never have enough patience to finish a project they start. lol

Cant wait to see her finished item!


So soft and cute. Perfect for fall winter sales!


Stormy is a little mad, lol. I added a tassel instead of pom pom, it came out ok.


It looks cute on him! He does look a bit cranky though, maybe it’s his nap time lol


Nice I like the tassel effect !! looks like it fits him good too .


She is going right along a good hobby for young and old wonder what it will be ?


She is doing great love the yarn she is using. Looks like you have a crafting partner :grin:


I didn’t think of making a slouch hat when mine was too long, awesome!


@Reefbubbles you weren’t supposed to notice that, lol! :upside_down_face: I was making a hat for my daughter as I crochet her hats since she shaved her head. She had hair down to her bottom and just shaved it off last year. I saved as much of her hair as I could to make her a mini me baby. Anyway the hat was a little too snug. So Stormy had to wear it, lol. I’m off to make him a matching doll though. I need more yarn and a bookshelf to store it in, lol.
Question - what does that pink double loom do?

@marrabo how is that dress coming along?

@Bec1273 what is your pretty daughter making and is she done yet?


Slow :sob: but inching along lol .


That’s wonderful!


You will have to share your daughters mini me when you finish her. The pink one is a tube sorta maker. Here is a couple of pics. I really want the size that will make the newborn socks. Going to have to order it.