I got a Knitting loom set


Mine is blue not my favorite color lol but it serves its purpose . see I bought the not so favorite loom set Boye so when i ordered the 12 peg I went with the same kind so to have a set .
They send you the color they want :smile:


I had to edit the last one I put orange but it is dark blue see I just put my working loom down and it is orange :joy:


I need to get the 12 peg also, I made booties on my smallest loom last night and they turned out… not great lol They will work though haha


Well you need all sizes babies feet grow :smile:


Right lol The only pattern I could find for the bigger loom was super confusing, that’s hat the problem was. It was difficult to follow, even the second time.


I bought a flat mini loom and it had the pattern with it for some booties not these but another kind I bought it at Walmart you might be able to find it the cost was about $5.00 .


I will take a look next time I’m there. I bought more yarn today, I have a problem lol


I think we all do :smile: I was going to break out and get some air yesterday went to my garden and got three stings from a yellow jacket one of them makes it hard to sit OW!!!
Edit to say I looked at the mini loom book it says LeisureArts so that might be the brand and it is small enough to be carried with you .


The next sized down one I have is much smaller it is only 8 peg. Might be too small I will need to check later.


I can’t wait to order mine. I’m just loving all these cute things.


Hope you enjoy it :smile: it is fun to try different things keeps your mind learning .


I have seen those Knifty Knitter spindle is that what they are called ? something like that anyway .


Not sure how I’ve missed this post. I have a set of those round looms too, but have never really learned to use them :roll_eyes: I didn’t even know I could make a doll with it, thought I was limited to hats, scarves and blankets.


@DancesWithDolls me too, now I am excited to try something new with them. Lucky you have some already.


I’m going to pull them out tomorrow and see what yarn I have to try a project with. If I remember correctly I think one of them has a broken peg, I hope it’s not the one I need for the doll.


You can buy replacement pegs on Amazon.


Got my Loom today! I hope to start on my test hat tomorrow!


Thank you for letting me know. I had no idea the pegs were removable :rofl:


Don’t forget to share pics !


After stalking this tread since it was created, I decided to jump on the bandwagon! I bought a loom set at michaels today, and made my first baby hat! It’s too small for anything but a preemie, but I love how it turned out for my first attempt. So easy to do! Here’s my first hat, modeled by my WIP Ashley Awake.