I got a Knitting loom set


My daughter’s making a hat fir her uncle. She says it has to be for him because he’s the only one with a head big enough for it lol! She’s nearly finished.


Just finish some cats (they miss eyes), hat, flower and booties. I borrow a flower loom of a friend. I finally figure how to use regular worsted weight yarn, with u-wrap stich…!
I have ordered one of those pink mini loom, seem that you can make nice thing with it !
Everybody makes wonderful pieces !
It’s addictive, hey ? :smile:


I just wanted a cat!!! Lololol I hope yours get eyes soon :kiss::heart:️:grinning:


I have trouble with my wifi(and the light apparenly)
There is the picture


Wow ! you have been very busy lol nice job :smile:


Awwwwwweeeeeee!!! Yay YOU!!! :cat: :heart::cat:


I was planning on making a hat. It makes such a nice cocoon for Max, though. :smiley:


Works good ! :smile:


Now I think I need Max, that is so cute good idea!


He looks like he’s in a Pea Pod!! Cute!!


@Renauta427 How do you count your rounds?


I keep a pen and paper next to me so I can write it down. :slight_smile:


That’s what I’ve been doing. I thought there may be an easier way. :thinking:




Not that I’ve found lol I’m super forgetful so I write ho many rows I need (if I’m following a pattern) the specific stitch I’m doing and how many I’ve done lol


I’m working on my first knitting loom project-a newborn hat. If you don’t have a pattern, how can you tell if it’s long enough? You can’t really measure it because the loom stretches it until it’s below the loom. Truthfully, I can knit faster but the loom seems to be easier on my wrists.


Here is a chart I found for you.


That’s really helpful. Thanks, Anne.


If you ladies want to count your rows you do it from inside your knitting. Each line is a row. I am showing 6 rows in these pictures.


Do you use the zippy loom?