I got a Knitting loom set


They sell an actual tool for it called a yarn guide but the pen or straw does the exact same thing. You won’t believe how much faster you can wrap.


That will probably help my wrist be more comfortable without the extra tension. I used furry yarn last night and it made the cutest kitten, need to finish the tail tonight. I may have to use beads for the eyes and nose in order to see them through the fluff.


It will most definitely help your wrists. The biggest trick is remembering to put it on the yarn, lol


I saw on one of the videos she used a pet comb or something to make the yarn fuzz up on a bear that looked like it would be fun to try but haven’t yet might put that on my to try list .


Wow, I gotta try that, it goes so fast!


I love that look too, I have little bears I crochet photographers that I do that with, I use a piece of industrial strength Velcro to make it look furry


Did you make that little bunny? It’s super cute! I’ve been looking for props like that but they cost a fortune to buy premade.


Making a baby blanket. Using the figure 8 stitch, excited to see how it turns out!


Wow adventurous, have fun, keep us updated :blush:


I will!


This is my kind of gadget! Can you make sweaters with them? Are there looms that do very fine stitches or are they all kind of bulky knits? I’ll be buying some because my wrists are being wrecked from knitting.


@Renauta427 will not only be able to answer this but direct you to the better tried and true products. I have a fine toned sock loom, was so frustrated with it wanted to throw it through a window. She knew exactly why and what I need to buy instead!


I still need to add the face and details but I am loving the furry yarn




That’s ambitious ! Would love to see the final result !


Nice ! don’t forget to show it when done looks like more work then I will ever try .


That works real well for the animal projects I bet a bear would look cute in that as well .


I made this one a while ago. Kind of a bad pic, but oh well. I had another hat that was very sweet, but it seems to have been eaten by a big pile of baby clothes… :innocent:




I just enjoyed that whole video. I don’t even have a loom anymore! Time to buy another so I can make dolls!!