I got a Knitting loom set


He is so adorable, he is on my must make list now


Too cute! @moonbeam


I love him!!!


I wondered if you had finished yours it came out very cute looks like everyone agrees :smile: I might make another one later but for now the one I have seems to be a hit with the babies lol.




Thanks! Now your knifty knitter needs to come in so you can make one :blush:


Thanks! They are a perfect size for the babies :blush:


He loves it :heart:️:two_hearts::heart_eyes:


She wants kittens naughty little mitten losing kittens :smile:


My lil kitten all dolled up






My new project since I made several small things I decided to go for something bigger
:sweat: wow think it was a mistake.
I discovered why I don’t make baby blankets I have what I call ARE WE THERE YET syndrome I keep thinking I have done more than I have hope it gets finished lol .


You are adventurous! You will be so happy to have such an adorable set to use when you are finally done. You knit with needles also right…would you say the loom is faster slower or about the same ? Just curious :blush:


I do both as well. I think once you get a rhythm the loom is faster buy that’s just my opinion…


Thanks if I finish lol but yes I do knit with needles as well right now this is slower however it is a different way of doing things but in its favor my thumb has not acted up once .


Yes, it’s good for people with arthritis too that can’t hold the small needles. They have ergonomic hooks for looming that I just love!


Anything easier on the body is always better. I need to not make mine so tight, I struggle with lifting the yarn over the peg and am constantly loosening my pegs, I am worried I am going to ruin my loom by constantly lessening them.:flushed:


Try putting a hollowed out pen or a straw on your yarn to wrap the pegs with. It keeps the tension looser and consistent. Also helps you wrap faster.


Really! I absolutely will, thank you :blush: