I got a Knitting loom set


Good reason to be a pack rat lol tired of it or out of fashion wait a few years and it will come back and you have all the tools to start in again :wink:


Couldn’t see to count my rows so I had a pen and paper and drew a line for each row to keep track.


Cute! Love to Pom on top! I have Pom Pom makers too now love them going to have to pull them out too with my loom😊


I do that anyway just so I am not wrong on the count if there are several rows to be doing as there is in what I am working on now it seems unending lol .


I make mine the old fashion way by wrapping around my fingers or a cardboard as I am not trying to produce a big batch at a time .
PS and I usually have my fingers with me at all times :smile:


I made this on a loom took me about a month and a half. It’s 5.5 ft by 5 ft I think


Yeah as I said my old ARE WE THERE YET syndrome would kick in with something this size and it would be sitting unfinished or unraveled and used for a bunch of little things :smile:


All my favorite colors! So be achy and nautical looking, I love it. Was it a finer weight yarn?


That’s beautiful ! A long journey !


Lol, it was a mother’s day gift so I had to get it finished.


Thank you! No it was a worsted weight yarn.


Thank you!


Okay I would have tried to hang on for that mom was worth several of those to me but it would have been one bumpy ride .




Hi everyone!!! Today my looms came!!! :grinning::grinning::kiss:
What kind of yarn do I need? I never knew how many kinds there are! I had no idea what to get for a slow beginner! Please advise :heart:


Woohoo let the looming begin…wait that sounded bad lol


Here is a pic of a label you will be looking for the yarn size. Most of us are working with medium 4 weight yarn. You can see it on this skein toward the bottom left side in pic.The larger the number the thicker the yarn. Vice versa.


I usually buy this very affordable yarn at hobby lobby it is soft and available in every color in the rainbow. This is by my lazyboy in living room.


Yeah if you look at her label it shows the knitting needle size it is used for an eight needle or if you fall in love with a color and cant get it in that weight you can double the thread as you work .
Just have fun with it :smile:


I love to see rooms full of yarn…I am a yarnoholic…
Seem I can’t use worsted weight yarn with loom, the result is too loose. Do you always double the thread?