Elephant reborn


So I am curious who is going to be adventurous and paint this little one😁


Not me! Pretty sure I’ve had nightmares about this kit :rofl: Not a fan at all


My hubby just shook his head in disbelief lol!


Have y’all seen all the alternatives coming out? Owls, multiple aliens, sloths, etc. they haven’t really grown on me. If I HAD to pick one it’d probably be one of the cuter aliens


I want the Snail :heart: But the elephant is odd to me… as well as the sloths and owl, etc.


I’ve seen them lol I wish I could unsee them though :rofl: No disrespect to the sculptors but I hate them all lol


Oooh even though it would be to our sweet @MilosMeadows chagrin, I would love to see them, especially the owl!


I bought her for my granddaughter. She is only 15 months old so she will have to stay on her dresser for now.


My brain can even think of a creative way to paint an elephant. All elephants are gray. Period. The prototype clown one is creative. However I don’t like the red tip on its trunk. I won’t say what it looks like to me. (Just part of an overly excited dog. :persevere:) But the clown is the only way I can see to make it different. Hopefully someone else has more creativity than I do. :grimacing:


I was thinking the same thing on all points lol. I want to add hair or something, let one of our wonderful Russian artists get ahold of one they can make it look great I bet


I am getting one. my daughter loves elephants so making this one for her. can’t wait.


Yeah what sorta plan do you have for your baby elephant?


probably realistic grey or brown but I have seen a pink one that was pretty cute. like the pink elephants in dumbo. Also my daughter’s favorite. we buy everything elephant. lol


I didn’t think of pink!


I think we’re in trouble if we’re going to start seeing pink elephants! LOL


I am a programmer in my day job and work with many programmers from India. I just was curious and ask one if she think that reborn elephant would be a popular item. She said ‘Definitely Yes’. Somehow I think it might be cute to do with mottling, even if you don’t see any mottling on the real elephants, however the elephant that I interacted with has cute pink spots on their ears and heads.

As far as alternatives goes, I only attracted to Tinky. But I think it would be fun to do an elephant and dress it in clothes that have elephants on it. I just cannot imaging to do all the creases LOL.

Sorry, could not resist to brag about my personal interaction with elephants in Thailand :slight_smile:
They are magnificent creatures!


Those are awesome pictures. I love elephants. They have such soulful eyes. I just don’t see myself taking the time to reborn one and you’re so right about the creases.


Such beautiful animals! I saw a few at a zoo we went to on a field trip as a young child I am guessing I was 5 or 6 years old and I had a very strong connection with this one elephant I will never forget her her name was Marcey and years later my mother went on to tell me that for the longest Marcey would search for me and would cry for me. I never got the chance to back. The zoo keepers told my mother that she had never had such a strong connection with a human before and she never did really get over it. I have always had strong connections with animals. All the other children my age would be playing with each other and my mother would always find me hanging out with the pets. Elephants however they have a special place in my heart. I want to eventually open a elephant sanctuary. A place where they can be themselves and live out their lives with no worries in the world.


I will absolutely be ordering this kit. In remembrance of Marcey. :slight_smile:


@Alexiaxoxo I think you should do it for the Marcey. Those pictures were actually taking at the Elephant sanctuary when they are free to rome and go to sleep in the mountains every night.