Elephant reborn


I am obsessed w/ elephants and preordered two! one for me and one to sell! cannot WAIT!!!


yes, I thought the SAME thing w/ that red tip! it’s an otherwise unique elephant. but I DETEST the circus in any fashion, so it also made me sad.


ahhhhh, you make me jealous w/ these pic’s!
I plan to visit a sanctuary soon! I’m sure I’ll just cry my eyes out the whole time, LOL.


I love elephants but I hate clowns.


That clown elephant I love and I want to buy


I am excited that you all will be painting some! Please share them when you finish! I am also happy for you, jealous too lol @YelenaRey :laughing:.


I kinda like the idea, and I love alternatives, but as others have said, I can’t really see it as anything else than a natural color. Maybe one with Dumbo’s clown makeup?


I couldnt afford to pre order but if there are available kits i will definitely be painting this beauty


I’ve been thinking about this thread for days trying to come up with a creative elephant idea… someone should try painting one to look like a porcelain figure from China or India!

image image


That would be cute @teacupbears You should paint it! I think that Delftware Blue Elephant is calling your name!


I absolutely love this idea! Wow!! I have always had a soft spot for this flow blue design I had my whole kitchen done in it when I was younger. This would be a fun challenge


That would be lovely !


Sorry to ‘yuck your yum’ like my grandson says, but elephant vinyl is full of wrinkles/ creases. So, good luck to paint those swirly designs on creased surface.


I think after looking at the sculpt something like this maybe in an Indian design focused on the forehead and then more simple on the rest of the body could be done… now you have me thinking @teacupbears
Yack your yam that is adorable :rofl:


Heck this all could be done on a baby as an awesome alternative! With fine cracks…now that sounds exciting


Something like this would be awesome! I love making alternatives, but don’t really care for most of the alternative kits. Almost seems like “cheating” to me lol. I prefer taking a regular kit and making it alternative. But I love the idea of taking an alternative kit and making it even more alternative!


@Reefbubbles I was thinking the same thing!
@Bec1273 Me too! It feels like someone is telling you what to do, lol!


Oh I love the pink speckled ears! If I were to paint one, your first pic would be my inspiration!!! So sweet!


I love it I have always been obsessed with elephants! I haven’t started reborning yet since I’m so busy with our alpacas and preparing doll hair but I’d love to start on one of these little guys :heart::elephant: