Dirty looks More pics added by request! page 2

See the kind of dirty looks I have to put up with while working on my babies!!!

Love it Danielle!

A little jealous?

LOL Really was not meaning to put the jealous face up there !!! LOL But she is the best pet ever just sayin!!! LOL

Danielle, hilarious! but, what IS that?

hahaha Marmoset monkey and my heart next to my children and family!

What a cutie!! how could anyone resist that face! Is she-he? hard to care for? Looks adorable.

Not hard to care for you just have to be home with her ALL the time since I do not have 2 yet!!! I hope to get another next summer!

“Me needs love NOW, mommy!” Bad as my kitties are!

lol, that is to cute!

I would love to have on of those bigger ones!! Yes I live in Florida and so far so good there!!

Better be careful… he looks “pissed”…

Oh my gosh that guy scared the living bejeebees outta me!! I was not expecting that! hes cute though whats his name?

 I was afraid to say anything, cuz I didn't know what it was and I didn't want  you to think I was stupid         Thanks for telling us what it is.    

I think the name is “Gia”!! Maybe??

Pia is right!!!She is Gia and Karen you would not believe the questions I get about her and no one ever hardly knows what she is. y\You would think that would be what they call a squirrel monkey but no they are way bigger than my girl!! She loves to go places with me and we get lots of questions!!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d love to see more pictures.

Here is some more for you!!

One more