Best purchase ever for reborning

Today was the first day I used my NuWave oven for baking my kits. I took all the advise I could get on how to use this and come out with great parts. I have to say I am in love with this oven. My parts came out perfectly. Couldn’t believe how easy this thing is to use and how handy it is for strictly baking my dolls. Thanks to all the ladies who recommended the purchase and gave me all the advise. So anyone who is thinking about buying one, you won’t regret. :smiley:


I have one and cannot imagine using anything else. Happy to hear that you have one also.


Thanks Mary!!! Very pleased with it. :smile: And reginalynn , make sure you ask for one with the extender ring. I was told the same thing and so glad I did. It makes the oven taller so it keeps the parts when baking that much further from the heating element at the top. Extra protection so they don’t burn.

Hi Deb, i’m so glad you like your NuWave, I have one also and I love it, so much better than the counter top ovens. I bought mine from QVC when it was the “Todays Special Value” for $86.00 with lots of xtras (including the extender ring) and free shipping, Don’t know when they may have that available again but it was a really good buy. I would tell anybody on the fence to get one, they are great !!

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I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond (with the extender ring) and used a 20% off coupon. I think I paid around $100. I’m thankful I made the investment.

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Lynn and arogers, I am just amazed how well it works. Plus how convenient it is. I got mine from Kohls. I ordered online. The original price was 169.99. They had it on sale for 119.00. I purchased it using my card and got an additional 15% off plus free shipping. Tax and all I paid 109.00. Plus I got 20.00 certificate in Kohls cash. I thought I did pretty good. I saved on gas plus I saved on shopping. I love Kohls so knowing me I would of found some other things I couldn’t live without and would have cost me alot more. LOL!!!

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Do you feel comfortable baking in the house? I worry about proper ventilation and set my little oven up on the porch. It is much harder to watch that way and I accidentally got a leg too hot and got grooves on the toe from the cloth diaper I use as a pad. I wish I had purchased a Nuwave, but seemed too pricey. Is it okay to bake inside the house?

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@Meandmydollie I have mine in my craft room which is downstairs off from my family room. There was a little smell but not much. I didn’t close off my room when baking so the smell cleared quickly. I stayed with it at all times while it was baking to keep an eye on it.

So the vinyl fumes that settle on the inside of the oven - do we worry about those escaping the oven? Or do we just want to be sure we’re not baking them into a batch of brownies and eating them? I do get a faint smell when opening the oven,but not bad and since it is outside I don’t worry. If I bring the oven in before winter do I need to worry?

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@Meandmydollie I was using my stove for baking and read alot of things on how you shouldn’t bake them in the same oven you cook in. Thats why I went ahead and purchased the NuWave. I won’t use it for anything but my doll kits. It kind of worried me a little. If you bring your oven back in just bake in an area where no one will be for a length of time. Just long enough for it to bake. The smell will clear. :smile:

I’m generally right next to the NuWave while baking. I set an alarm if I have to walk away bc I’m sooo forgetful. The oven is set up in my craft room like Deb and the smell clears quickly.

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I originally used the NuWAve in my “baby painting room” AKA Laundry room and noticed that I was getting hoarse from inhaling the fumes. I have since moved it to the garage and have no problems with hoarseness. When I look at the “film” that appears on the inside of the lid, I am convinced that there are deposits inside home oven that are identical to them so I think it is better to ventilate well, bake outside if practical and use a dedicated oven if possible. (I used my home oven for the first 2 years and no one got sick).


I was more worried about using my regular oven for baking kits then anything. The smell was horrible when I did. I have to wonder what the difference is with how strong the smell is from regular oven to NuWave. For me its a very big difference. I live in Iowa so through the cold months I worry about how accurate the NuWave would be in the extreme cold. Plus I hate stepping outside when its cold. LOL!!! Not a winter person. I do enough of that when going out in it for work. I get home and I am done. LOL!!! :smile:

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I use the Nuwave oven on my porch. I don’t want the fumes in my house. I have small children and I don’t want them exposed to the toxins released from baking vinyl. I don’t think vinyl should be baked inside but everyone has to make that decision for themselves. I did a lot of research on it and now I am not comfortable heating vinyl in the house. This will be the first winter I am baking kits in so I will have to see what happens in the cold weather.

I recently purchased my Fagor before the purchase and still since I’ve not tried it yet I’ve used a counter top convection oven for my parts only no food baking, There were light fumes with the counter top oven but it never bothered me since the area is a large open area. I plan on using the Fagor within the same area inside, unless of course the fumes are unbearable.

I just ordered a Nuwave oven. My little Farberware is swinging 50 to 80 degrees above the desired setting. I was so careful when I first got it tot find the sweet spot, but it’s like it just went crazy and I can’t get it readjusted to be the correct temp. Hopefully I will have better luck with the Nuwave!

@Meandmydollie, you’ll LOVE it!!!

I just received my new Nuwave oven. I ordered from BBB with 20 percent off coupon. It was $119.99 with extender ring. After coupon, tax and free shipping, it was $104.03. Now I’m off to set it up and start baking again!

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@Meandmydollie You are gonna love it!!! I wish I would have gotten mine sooner. Its so handy and does a perfect bake.

I just did a trial run to test the temp and now I am baking already. It is wonderful!

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