Are alot of people leaving the reborn community?

I was just wondering are alot of people leaving the reborn community or something because it seems like alot of peopel are. Why is that do you think?


Thieves suck


I’m not. Lol. But. Some may be. The China fakes are making it hard. Its a bit like porcelain dolls years ago. All the lovely people in the USA stopped making them because the China fakes stole the market with cheap dolls.

I have hope that real reborns will still have a place here so I’m holding out and still making them.


I will be here for as long as I can paint and or collect, lol.


I’ve notice a shift, too. I’m not sure what it is exactly but it’s noticeable to me. I’ve removed myself from a few Facebook groups when the BLM initiative started. A few people who lacked empathy for all man-kind of all color, religion and doesn’t recognize there’s a problem…showed themselves! I don’t like drama, just want to make nice reborn babies…and keep the political BS out the community. The community already has a few nice-nasty girl cliques, mean girls cliques and bad apples…at some point a person can get bored with being active in the community.


I personally stopped making dolls about a year ago because I stopped enjoying it. It became stressful and a chore, so I stopped. Plus I got a puppy and didn’t have time. I’m still participating somewhat in the forum but not nearly as much as before.


I think custom orders take a lot of joy out of artists. I will never offer customs. I work on one kit at a time.


@Keneen I’ll just say a lot of people don’t want to see the problem not realizing that is a problem. I am not saying any more about that as I want to keep this a happy place. If this get too heated I will just mute this post. :thinking:


Please tag me if that happens. I will block their name and nursery on Reborns, their Facebook page and personal page and everywhere else I can block them.


Scammers … they ruin this beautiful art


You would think a community like this would help people be more understanding, ask important questions, step outside the box they are use to and open up to new (evolved) ideas. I have found that to not be the case. This little world reflects the bigger world in all the expected ways. I keep my politics off of forums as much as I can, but I will argue the hell out of any issue with anyone on FB. Equity is good for everyone, no one loses. I try to keep the dolly world my pretend happy place. The one thing I like most about this community (or the people that I have become friends with inside of it) is that being online blurs the lines, levels the playing field, we are all avatars, icons, who we want to be, and we are words, hearts, sweet photos, emojis, we share simply being human. How much money you have, or don’t, what color your skin is, who you love, what god you pray to doesn’t seem to be the biggest thing or a thing at all. Maybe life should imitate art a little more.


It has been quiet on forums. Less You Tube content. I wonder if people are just busy with real life. So much is going on in the world right now, it can be overwhelming.


Why was it being stressful for you, if you want to share?

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Because I’m fairly low income, being disabled and not being able to work much. My dolls weren’t selling and it was causing a lot of stress, and I also couldn’t continue making dolls if I couldn’t sell because I couldn’t buy supplies. So I sold off my last dolls and used the income to pay for my service dog puppy. I may come back someday but haven’t missed it much so I’m unsure currently.


I lose myself in painting reborns so I don’t have to think about what is going on in my life. My husband and I have been picking up food from his sister who gets it from different ministries to give to families. These times have been tough on all of us and I want to give back to others. I find it helps me to help others.


I remember telling my mother who has done a complete 360° turnaround regarding her thoughts on “adults playing with dolls”!! … that me painting is like her going fishing! When I’m in the art studio, I’m in my own little world, relaxed, waiting to hear my NuWave beep so I can cast in the next baby to cure, excited when I wheel in a masterpiece, taking multiple pictures of my trophy because I want everyone to know what I did and be proud of myself when it’s all said and done.

I don’t want anyone interrupting my escape room! We all need a place of refuge.


That’s understandable. Do you still make dolls for yourself. Do you have any dolls you have kept


That is how I cope,I loose myself in my painting. I enjoy just thinking about my painting and let the rest go. It is like a trophy when you look at your work and are so pleased with it. I like yours and Gabriels analogy. :star_struck:


I don’t, I just can’t afford it and I don’t really like it anymore. I’d rather spend the little money I have on other things that do make me happy, if that makes sense. I have one doll that I made, but she’s not one I particularly like, just one I haven’t been bothered to try and sell so she sticks around :joy:


Ive not reborned in many many months. I just don’t like the selling process, posting ads, all the drama, answering a bazillion questions, trying to calculate shipment to some far off land, and dealing with all the scammers / time wasters out there. Plus I don’t do social media so that really limits my selling platforms. Now if I could JUST paint that would be one thing. But I also don’t want them stacking up here.