Anyone else learn SUPER QUICKLY their likes/dislikes?


Well. I’ve painted a total of 2 kits & I already have a strong feel for what I do that I like ok(not a lot) and what I want to do differently. Anyone else decide after so little practice to add/replace/change their painting style? I ordered & bought a few more things to try on my next 3 kits. Hoping I can eventually stumble on “my style”. Is it better to try new things in the beginning? Before you’ve cemented a style? Or do you find your styles constantly evolve? I want to have a good base to improve upon, not have to improve upon every single aspect, lol.


I am still looking for my style, lol!


Lol :joy:, well maybe we will find ours together!!! :wink:


My style is constantly evolving.


I know I dislike eyebrows and fingernails. Lol.
I have 3 babies that are WIP babies and one completed baby.
I have painted every one of them differently!
This last painting technique is one that I’m the most happiest with. And sadly, idk if I can duplicate it because I did it by accident. Lol
I feel like every baby is different in what they need so your style would have to change constantly.


I’m with you on the eyebrows! I’m not happy with ANY of the creases I’ve done. That’s my biggest arghhhh area. I can’t get the natural look I want. Good to hear from others that they keep going without having one specific type of style…


Veins and creases are my dislikes. Tedious and boring but necessary. I love putting on the final layer.


Yes and yes :smile:


I liked super realistic at first, then dolly was cute now I like serene babies. I am a big fan of realborns, big fan. I think BB did their homework and invested well in that product, nothing like it out there.


I agree! Out of the 6 kits I’ve bought, 5 are Realborns. I see so many cute faces on other kits but then I see the big unrealistic ears, the hands and feet don’t look right, or there aren’t enough wrinkles, etc. I love super realistic and serene. If I can ever achieve either - I’ll be a happy camper!


It is my understanding, and also what I feel from my little experience, that we will always be evolving in our style. But, I think that is the way any art is. So, I think if you find something you would rather try, there is no style set in stone, I guess is what I am trying to say. Tutorials are great, but at some point we have to do it our way. HTH


I have tried something different on every baby so far. I am working on my 5th and 6th babies and I am still trying different things on painting in the creases and mottling. I still have not gotten either the way I want them to be. I am always comparing mine to those on this forum and I have a ways to go yet, but I am having fun doing it.


Thanks! I think I was feeling like a failure for jumping from thing to thing rather than staying with a tried and true tutorial “way”. I guess we will all evolve a little at a time!


Yes Ruth! Creases and mottling are changing for me. But I have refused to put bodies on my 2 finished kits because I know I can do better. I keep thinking I should strip them and start over. But at some point I want to hold a completed baby, lol. :sweat_smile:


Always changing. Each reborn is different. What worked well on 1 might screw up the next.


Thanks! Good to hear from you as I love your babies. :blush:


Thank you.


I still can not nail this down to a formula, which is why when people ask how I achieved certain looks, I really can’t answer them. I don’t remember. Lol I start off the same way, but just paint based on what it looks like and what I’m trying to do. I have painted two of the same sculpt together and still had to do extra to one of the kits.

I think an evolving style is pretty normal for most of us. You’ll even see it with some of the heavy hitter prototype artists.


I say try new things as soon as you feel like it. Be brave. That’s how we grow. And doing the same thing over and over sounds boring. A big part of being an artist is being creative. Try new things. As for your style, it will find itself. You’ll start noticing qualities that make your babies special. Then you’ll start duplicating those qualities, while also continuing to build on other things. You sound like a go getter. I can’t wait to watch your techniques evolve. :heart:


Lol, that’s the word I was looking for - a FORMULA! Good to hear that you change a bit baby by baby. Whatever you do works, your babies are gorgeous! :heart_eyes: I think I’ve set myself up for let down by studying my favorite prototype artists for so long. I feel like my 1st two should look like that, lol.