Anyone else learn SUPER QUICKLY their likes/dislikes?


Thank you SO MUCH! That’s one of my favorite words - brave. I’m pretty brave and creative in my daily life, but it’s harder to apply to this new hobby of mine because I want to be really great at it so bad. Thanks for the inspiring words! Taking a leap and posting pics of my 1st complete baby. Who I’m not in ANY way happy with. But it’s a start…


It changes every time. There is not formula. That’s why I do a WIP thread. It is great that others enjoy those threads and awesome if it helps anyone, but it is really a visual log for me of each doll. I can see each stage in a stream and see what changes I make at each time. It has really helped me judge what I am currently working on and the next step to take to get a warmer/cooler effect. I’m no expert, though. It’s just what I do as a learning tool. It is hard to fix some things if I only get advice near the very end of the process.


That’s a great idea, using it as a visual log for progress. It is also my favorite thread to look at, so many good things to learn and try. I’m loving all the input. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I’ve found dislikes/likes in painting style but definetly in kit size and which sculptors I’ll buy from. I found out quickly I love small newborn or larger preemies. And that certain sculptors just lack the details (or have wacky vinyl or odd proportions) that we get spoiled with from Bountiful Baby and sculptors like Bonnie Brown.


I have my own style and was happy with it, then started trying what others were doing. Big mistake. I should have just stuck with my happy place. Sometimes there are toooooo many tutorials and other peoples methods and suggestions. Get your own style and stick with it once you have it. Have fun and enjoy. :footprints::baby:


Yes! I’ve defin6seen some strange proportions that dissuade me from a certain kit. The Bountiful Baby definitely spoils you & raises your expectations! :grinning:


Yes! I agree, find a happy place & be confident with it! I think I was on tutorial overload - it may have fried my baby brain! It is definitely fun, and I’m addicted to looking at kits to try! :smiley:


Open hands since I started on closed and like them more. I dislike posing closed hands but they’re more realistic. I’m not big on open mouths, lots of eye wrinkles or dolly kits.