2018 Halloween Challenge - Rules


No problem :sunny:


It is so hard, lol. It will be very slow compared to what we are used to.


@marrabo is correct. Enter when ready.


So far there are approximately 10 entries! Yay! I am finally settled enough to be back on a little more! I have pics of my pup that I will post on another thread soon!


How big is the mix between alternative and baby in costume ? And what were you thinking hosting this I thought you wanted to be in one with an entry :smile:


I’m curious to know this also.


@marrabo @Kate I do not know who is painting what type of baby, I just have the entry pics so far.

I did want to be in it but thought it was more important to make sure we have this contest and I needed the experience, lol! I will still be painting an Alternative though. I’ll be getting started as soon as get my room at least half way done. Hopefully within two weeks.


Bumping this up in case anyone missed it and wants to join in the fun.

I’ve been working on my challenge baby and I am so excited. It’s gonna be so hard to keep him/her a secret!


I agree with that lol - I m use to posting when they r done lol :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kate I have been taking care of my Puppy all by myself for two weeks and crashed for 24 hours the day before yesterday. Now my Hubby has decided to help me, lol. But here he is.

Casper is a Red Heeler. It’s been 2 weeks and he is bigger than that. I guess I have to take more pics, lol!


I would like to request artist levels for this challenge, like a novice group and a advanced group and a professional group. I certainly cannot compete against some of the advanced/professional artists here but would still like to join in.


I’m not sure if @Anne is able to do that or not so I will tag her. But I will say though that this is a fun challenge to do either way. I look at it as doing this to get out of your comfort zone and maybe trying something you haven’t done before such as an alternative babe. :blush:


There are two categories one baby in costume if you are not comfortable with working with the other option alternatives .


@ATrinket This is open to everyone no matter your skill level. Just have fun! You may surprise yourself. Please join either category! Thanks @Kate @marrabo


Hope everyone is having fun and your babies are doing well. If you haven’t joined there is still plenty of time. This contest is open to everyone as well as any type of baby, toddler or child reborn. The deadline for all pics is September 24, 2018. :jack_o_lantern: :monkey_face::fox_face::lion::unicorn::pig::mouse::bear::jack_o_lantern:


Im hard at work :wink:


I am loving this challenge! I’ve been working on mine and it’s finally coming together. Can’t wait to see everyone’s babies!


I would love to enter the challenge. Do I need to be added to the website to go there…?


Hard at work too when I can stay off the internet! @Anne we might need more puppy pics soon.


You can join in on the challenge. You just need to PM @Anne with your safety photo of the kit you want to use. The participants will be added to the website once the challenge is over and the babies have been revealved.