2018 Halloween Challenge - Rules


I’m really excited about this one. Got the painting part done in record time! Now working on other details :wink:


Someone asked if just using the head of the baby is ok. Yes it is.


@angfay Send me your pic (PM) when you are ready!


I will tomorrow. Thank you!


New pic of Casper at 10 weeks!


I am so excited to do this baby! It is planned in my brain.


He’s getting big! Such a cutie. I bet he keeps y’all busy!


Are we allowed to reveal the type of doll we’re making?


@ZeldaDawn - Oh my NO! :speak_no_evil:
Lol, was that a strong enough no?
Yes he does keep us running around. He loves being outside but we want him in with us most of the time.


This is going to be hard! All my dog wants to do is sleep on the couch and occasionally raid the litter boxes lol


Y’all my challenge baby is almost done! So excited! I cannot wait to see everyone’s creations. How is everyone doing with theirs?

@Anne do you want me to PM you photos when it’s finished or wait until the challenge is closer.


One need to be put together and the other, well, a lot and lot of work to do and I am not even sure that will work ! But I enjoy every step !


I have one that needs hair and one I have yet to start painting (on vacation until the 25th) but that one won’t need hair so hoping to get them both ready in time :wink:


You can send photos whenever you are ready! @Kate Glad you are enjoying the challenge @Bellybutton Plenty of time @Lil

There is still plenty of time to join in if you haven’t already! :jack_o_lantern:


Mine is finished, I just need to find the time to take some pics!


I finished painting this morning (I think) and as soon as I get back from vacation I’ll get started with rooting and assembly. I’m really excited to see everyone’s creations!


Me too! Have a great vacation! @ZeldaDawn


Thanks! I think my cat is beginning to get suspicious. Lol


I’m almost done painting mine. I can’t wait to see everyone elses also.


Some one asked if it was ok to make a baby from a blank kit if I shared pics of that kit when bought?

Yes it is ok as we all sometimes like to share a new blank kit when we get one. You cannot share the kit with the idea that that is the one you are making for the 2018 Halloween Challenge. I hoped I explained that right. If you don’t understand send me a PM. I’ll try to explain it further. Thanks!