2018 Halloween Challenge - Rules


Thanks ! just knew I had managed to see it before then poof it was gone :smile:


Jenni I wanted to say thank you for keeping everyone update! And @Renauta427 Thank you for getting the site updated. I can’t wait to see what she does with it.


Very Excited about that @Renauta427 @Kate @jlesser Thank you so much for getting that started back up for us!


@AmyD12 please join us! Learn along the way! Alternatives are more forgiving than realistic baby because you can always turn a mistake into something, lol.


Thanks @anne for reaching out to me and giving me a new pet project. We will unveil the updated site and address soon and will be open to additional ideas and comments. Stay tuned… thanks @jlesser and @Kate for your help!


I am so excited about all of this, thanks ladies! :slight_smile:


I did my first one about a month or so ago,the Kimber kit and the only knowledge I really had was from watching the dvd that came with the beginners kit of everything you’ll need to start your first one lol I did an okay job for me not knowing what I was really doing but I’ve learned a lot since then and my 2nd kit,Celeste, should be here in a few days so I’m gonna start over on my Kimber as well. I’m very eager to learn to be as good as some of the ladies work I’ve seen so far on here!!


Did we get to see Kimber?


Do you guys do this contest every year? I have a great idea for a fantasy doll, but the kit I would like to use costs a bit more; and then there are costume and props that I would need to execute it well. I’m just not confident in my ability to pull it off by this fall without ruining the kit and wasting a lot of money. Alternately, I already have a kit that I could easily make a character baby…If there is a good chance of another contest next year I could maybe save the elaborate doll for that one?


Members try to do it every year but it isn’t guaranteed.


Thank you. Decisions, decisions…


The last one was 2016.

As most of you know I have been waiting to get out of that Hotel. I am finally out we closed and moved in on the 28 th. I am a little busy for the day moving etc… but will be getting back to you this evening. Thanks for your patience.


Congratulations on your house! It must be a huge relief to finally get in :slight_smile:


Big relief. Thank you! @ZeldaDawn

I have gotten quite a few entries. It will be a very awesome contest. If You have sent in your entry and I did not answer you please send it again.

Just a note to answer a question that has been asked a few times. It is ok if you have stripped a kit and are starting all over with it. Just send in a pic of the stripped kit.


Sorry I have not been on I am getting internet this week so it will be a little easier for me. And I got a new puppy. He is an Australian Shepperd and Heeler mix. He is so cute. I will post pics later today.


No internet How do you stand it :sunny:


Aw! Puppies are so much fun. :slight_smile:


@Anne is it too late to enter? I know it says start date is 7/1


From what I read it opened July however deadline to enter was September 24 .

Start Date July 1, 2018.
You must submit your blank kit, at any time. To enter PM me on this forum.
The deadline to enter is September 24.


Oh geez. It was right in front of me. Thank you for pointing it out. :heart: