Your Thoughts On Toddlers

Just curious as I am hesitant, what is everyone’s thoughts on Toddler sized reborns? Toddlers as in dolls over 28 inches long.

I know some people may find them creepy and others enjoy them. For example, Cressida by Ping Lau is coming soon and I love her expression however I feel like she may be way to big for my liking. The biggest baby I have ever had is a Maddie. I love the bigger babies but I don’t know how big, too big is for my liking.

If anyone could express their thoughts, opinions and reasonings, that would be very helpful. :two_hearts:


I have Liam and love him, I also have the Tibby Quads which I am excited to paint for myself later this year or early 2022. I am also hoping to get one of the child kits from Macphersons. So not weird to me.

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Creepy as hell. But that’s just because most of them are made to look older. Can’t like it.

But I know tons of people love them! So whatever floats a collector’s boat.


Like when their body is the size of an 8 month old, but they have hair down past their waist and freckles?


Way too creepy for me


I’ve seen just a few toddler sized dolls that I like, still I don’t think I like them enough to want to live with them at this time.

You do have to consider where this doll will be in your home, just randomly standing somewhere?

Will it need it’s own furniture to look right?

Is that going to startle guests, or worse, make the people who live with you uncomfortable?

And while it might look cute in pictures… Do you really want it staring at you all the time? Things of a certain size, esp that have open eyes can tend to make people uncomfortable even in their own home.

Have had similar issues with a gnome statue that was gifted to my partner.


Ummm guys reborn dolls are creepy, lol!


:joy::joy::joy:yup they are. Esp to men :joy:


Hell yes they are. I still get creeped out sometimes!!!


I mean you can always lay it in a crib or box or closet or have it standing at the bottom of the basement steps. This is what I would do.

My mom collected dolls when I was a child. I remember our guest room being DOLLS ALL OVER. All sizes. It was frightening then and it is frightening now. But now 3 of those dolls are ones I’ve made her :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


LOL! My oldest (40 something) was carrying one of my monster dolls and came around the corner and scared me to no end, lol. It was so funny, also because she hated dolls till I started making the alternatives and had never carried a doll before that day.


My dolls live in my Craft Room my haven! There are a few around the house though.


When I first got into reborning the toddlers were a bit too uncanny valley for me, but I love them now. I do think it is odd that people call 9-12 month sized kits toddlers. In my brain 1 year olds are babies and they are not toddlers until they are 2. Some of the smaller toddler kits can pull off the long hair look, but some of them really can’t, in my opinion. I think the unrealistic hair makes some of the kits look very much like dolls. My kids had very little hair at age one, so I’m sure that sways my opinion.

I have never found dolls creepy. My siblings do though, I have fun with that… :joy:


Middle of an otherwise empty room, staring at the door? No, not creepy at all. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I guess if they can walk Toddling around they are Toddlers. :slightly_smiling_face: By the time my daughter was 2 she had hair all the way down to her bottom.


We’ve found with the gnome that he likes to be in the kitchen, and have a view of the front door. We’ve had to put him in this special place in both places we’ve lived with him…

We don’t allow him in the entryway because he isn’t welcoming, like having a guard dog who also hates family.

He resents being anywhere on the floor and gives everyone the evil eye from down there.

Not too happy being in the living room either, and we haven’t even considered putting him in a bedroom.

He’s very powerful and we must not upset him. :no_mouth:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: and here we are… the pots calling the kettle black :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lmao mine was bald until she was almost two


Sounds like this guy needs to hang out in the goodwill donation bin lol :scream:


Just curious, but how do you know all his/her preferences?