Yippee! Happy dance!

After my dry spell I sold two babies in one day on reborns.com! I am dancing the happy dance! I sold my Francine (Irelyn) And Katie Erin (Gemma). I will miss little Katie but am glad she is going home and I have an excuse to make another Gemma some day. Now the hard part! Packing them up.


YAAY!!! That is GREAT news!!!


Thank you Cherie! I’m on the computer making up their birth certificates right now!

Yay! :stars: :rainbow: Congratulations, Helen.

That’s incredible, Helen! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :smiley: :dancer:

Congratulations Helen…That is wonderful!!!..so excited for you… :smile:


You go girl!! Congratulations, that is awesome!! 2 in one day, pretty cool!! Back to reborning---------

Awesome! You got your dolly dollars too lol.

Congratulations! Sounds like reborns.com is working for many of the ladies.


YAY!!! WAY TO GO!!! :clap:

So many of you are so encouraging that I’m just going to give you a big group thank you hug! I love you guys! Can’t we all have a big party in the middle of the country some day? Or better yet, let’s all meet in Oz at Starr’s place! LOL. I just would love one day to hang out with all of you for real. :heart_eyes:


YAYYY! That’s awesome Helen!! Congrats on your sale. Meeting all of you would be so cool. We could each bring a baby. :-))

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You are all welcome!!! Come on over!!! Would be AWESOME to meet all of you in person! I could rent the town hall and we’d have a big reborning party and a even bigger barbie (short for barbeque!) lol


I think everybody who can possibly afford it should try to go to ROSE next year. We could wear nametags with our screen names so we could recognize each other. Wouldn’t that be great? My husband is saving so we can go. That’s about the only way we could pull this off. But Starr probably couldn’t come and Granny Gwen. They are out of the country and that would be sad because I would so love to meet them. And I know not everyone can afford such an expensive vacation, but I can dream, can’t I? I’m pretty sure I’m going to get to meet some of you there and that will be good. :smile:


@honojane That would be great! My mom said I an go if I can save up the money myself. I’ll be trying to get a job in the next few weeks so I can start saving up to go :blush:



congrats im so happy for you :slight_smile:

@demonicchic12 That would be great. I so hope to see you there. Gosh the fun!

I can’t wait, It’ll be so much fun! No one around here understands my love of dolls. My mom doesn’t care as long as she doesn’t have to spend money. It’ll be great to be around people who actually like dolls :heart:

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