Yellow, blue, purple, undertone guide

A while ago someone posted some cool guides about where to put yellow, blue, and purple highlights… I saved it and then later lost it when I had to factory reset my phone. So, whoever posted it could you please post it again?

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I tagged you on the post but just seen I had saved them also…

are these what you are talking about? (@Bec1273 posted them in the WIP’s post)


I use these pics all the time! They are @kristenj 's photos. She originally posted them in a thread about her gorgeous Scarlet Brown. I saved them from that post!


Thank you!!

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You should also bookmark this page or the page that @jlesser tagged you in and it will always be in your BB forum bookmarked items.


Oh! I didn’t even know that was an option! (New to this forum)


Lol. I love it because I can always go back and easily locate anything that I bookmarked

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For the yellow wash do you just use yelloe ochre or do you mix anything in with it