Would there be an interest? Blue Sclera Eyes

Would there be an interest here in a line of eyes with blue sclera for reborns? I have been working to create realistic eyes with the blue sclera that looks like newborn eyes but are more affordable. I would have both acrylic eyes and glass eyes available. I’m estimating they would range in price from $10 to $25 a pair. Would there be an interest for such a line? And I would love to hear which colors, sizes, and styles you would be interested in.

Here are my “prototypes”. The blue are glass oval eyes and the brown are acrylic eyes. These are still a work in progress as I wasn’t completely happy with this round but I wanted to share and get some honest opinions. Thank you for any input or opinions!

EDITED to add:
Would there be a larger interest in acrylic or glass eyes? I plan to have both but for the first run just want to gauge how many to do. Thank you all for your wonderful responses!


Yes yes yes! I would buy so many from you! And the ones you have already made are gorgeous! I think you would be able to sell lots of them:)


I rarely ever use oval eyes and prefer round glass eyes. Will you have those?

I am currently looking into the round glass eyes. I probably wouldn’t have full rounds but half rounds are a possibility!


Thank you so much! @Babies

I only use them sometimes too for the same reason. Do you prefer the half round glass or full rounds? @Sony72

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Totally interested!!

I’d definitely be interested. The company that sells them is always out of stock and they are hard to get.

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Sounds good! I was looking into half rounds and will try to add them to the lineup.

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What size oval did you fit in tink. They look really good! I think this would be a great idea

Thank you everyone for the wonderful response! What colors and sizes would be the top picks? I’m thinking of starting with 18mm and 20mm in a dark newborn blue and a brown. Would love to know what colors and sizes y’all would want!


Thank you! They are 18mm. They fit her really well!

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My favorite is the just-born darker colored blue and blue-gray irises, with slightly larger pupil, with the blue sclera. Creating newborns is my favorite. And eyes with the option of large and small irises would be awesome, for different sized eye openings.

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I would surely want them!

Looks great!!! I didn’t know if you had about the same size oval or one size up.

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Totally interested!!! I use oval flat backs and half rounds, I don’t like eyes with the dang ol stem.
The company that makes these us always out of stock!!!

Definitely would be interested!

Try the eyeco chuck hazel

Absolutely!!! I have been wanting glass eyes that have the blue sclera. I see them on the I art reborns site but they are always out of stock on most of their blue sclera eyes.

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20-22mm for sure

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Yes, half round glass is good.