Would there be an interest? Blue Sclera Eyes

Super interested in half round glass

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Here are the half round glass options I am looking at that are considered hazel. Let me know if any of them are what you are looking for and I will try to add it to the queue. The iris in the last hazel eye looks larger but it is actually closer in size to the first hazel eye pictured.

Hazel%203 Hazel%202 hazel Hazel%204%20copy


20- 22s are the most common size I buy :grinning:

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Yes yes yessss! I will buy so many from you!

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Yes glass and acrylic.

Most eyes I order are 20-24mm to avoid that stark searing look in def interested in half round acrylic = more affordable for me as a creator collector

Love your new picture!!! Everyone else s changing their pic!!! I need too! Spring change!!!

I am interested in Acrylic Dark Blue 20 - 22 mm

Would absolutely love these, especially half round.

Definitely interested if you can send to UK.

Aww thank you! :hugs:

Really nice eyes !
I use mostly 20mm and 22 mm half round acrylic and oval glass in dark newborn blue or gray with large pupils.

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Yes absolutely

Sounds good! Feel free to PM anytime, I’ll keep looking into hazel eyes :slight_smile:


The eyeco hazel are really cool though because depending on the skin tone they look total different in each baby.


Love them but use half round mostly and sizes 20mm, 22mm,24mm. I would be interested in acrylics don’t have lots of cash for glass only use glassfor special sculpts… Beautiful! :footprints::baby:


Definitely interested !

That would be fantasti!

I have created a poll to organize what everyone would like! If you would all go vote I would appreciate it very much :slight_smile:

Please Vote! Blue Sclera Eyes!


I just took your poll. I’m very interested in glass eyes of all colors and sizes. I currently have so many eyes that I won’t use because the white is too white. Yours look so much more natural! :heart_eyes: