Would anyone be interested in

Someone to root hair for them?
I’m wanting to get better at rooting and I’m also wanting to make a little side money so what better than to root for people who don’t like to root and people who can’t root themselves!

If you’re interested feel free to pm me:)

Here are some examples of my work.


They are lol the same outfit and everything!


I got mine at Walmart last year. The one I bought last year have footed pants and a hat that are pink with brown polka dots and I believe they re-did the pattern on the hat and pants to make them pink with white polka dots for this year

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Awe she is soooo cute!

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Oh your rooting is great! I’ve been thinking about learning rooting myself and rooting for others to make a little cash too. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I love those outfits. I got the duck one as well. They actually have more of a high end look.

Hit me up lol


Bumping this in case anyone missed it😉
(Oh and thank you @adh_Angela!)

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